A Survivors Guide to Dead By Daylight

In August, Playstation Plus users were blessed enough to have Dead By Daylight free to download. Which meant a lot of new players were installing and trying it out blindly with no real idea of what they were doing. Which can put a lot of people off, not knowing how to play something can get frustrating quick. Most online games are quite straight forward, mainly with the objective of killing an opponent or something similar. Dead By Daylight is a little bit more detailed within it's game rules. But I promise you the moment you get the hang of what is actually going on, it's a game you can play for days, weeks, months, years? Considering I've been playing it for over a year now, it really is an online game you can come back to at any point and still find each game you play challenging, but very fun! I thought I'd give a quick guide to any of you who managed to grab the game for free this year but have hesitated to play it, hopefully I can help you understand it better! I'll keep it simple. Grab some snacks and lets get stuck in.

You're either going to play a Survivor or a Killer. One Killer for Four Survivors each game.
I'm going to be talking about the Survivors perspective in this post.

The objective for the Survivors is to escape, easy peasy right? Four Survivors will need to fix Five Generators which will power open Two Exit Gates. If you successfully get all Five Generators done, the Two Exit Gates will be ready to be opened which you do have to open yourself, if that gets done you are free to run out, YOU'RE FREE!!! Obviously it isn't that easy as you'll have a Killer hunting to kill you all, so here's a couple points to remember:
  • If a killer spots you, use pallets to obstruct their way and jump through windows to slow them down in chases.
  • The killer will be notified if: You blow a Generator from missing a skill check, same goes for Healing and Sabotaging a Hook. If you're searching a chest and you leave mid search. Standing in one spot for a while (crows will also appear above you). Vaulting over a pallet or window whilst running. Dropping a pallet. Fully sabotaging a hook.
  • Try and keep unfinished generators evenly spaced out so you're not stuck with a couple left all in one corner which the killer can easily monitor. 
  • If you run around the map, you are leaving visible red scratch marks (for a few seconds) for the killer to track, so be careful if you can hear the heartbeat!
  • Use all of your view, make sure to always look around you when you're playing as the killer can appear from any side so it's always good to get the hang of turning your camera round as you play.
  • Glowing totems are Hex totems, which you will want to get rid of ASAP. But be careful because the killer will know where those special totems are at all times so they tend to come back to them to check for survivors. 
  • Normal totems will give you extra bloodpoints, but also be sure to get rid of all totems if you have time as they can turn into Hex totems throughout the game.
  • If you're the last surivor and at least Two Generators are fixed, a Hatch will spawn and you are able to escape from that if you can find it. Listen out for it and run towards the heavenly sounds of freedom! 
Toolboxes can be searched to gain items which include:
  • Torches can stun killers if you flash it in their eyes at the right time (I've never bothered with this so don't stress too much). 
  • Toolboxes help with fixing generators a little quicker and can also sabotage hooks which is helpful if killers are carrying survivors to a hook you're sabotaging!
  • Keys are only useful if they're Purple or Red. Both will be able to open a locked hatch, if it's spawned into the game.
  • Maps help track generators around you.
  • Medic Kits heal you if you haven't got the Self Heal perk yourself.
Animation by heidiholmeaa

I really could go into so much more detail about everything you need to know, if anyone has any questions feel free to comment or tweet me! I really do love this game (and hate it like any other online game) and if I can even get one person to try it out I've done my job here. It isn't as complicated as it seems, I promise! You'll be a pro in no time. Also, let me know if you'd like a guide from the Killers perspective too.

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Spyro: Year of the Dragon, Quite Literally

I would first like to give a shoutout to Crash Bandicoot. For giving us a remaster, throwing us all back to our childhoods, I really feel like it gave Spyro even more of a push to do the same. I love that we are living in a world where our childhood memories can be bought into adulthood, in all of its remastered beauty. Though playing classing games have such a nostalgic, retro feel, I’ll never say no to more video games in my life.

Silly question, but who’s excited to have that purple boy back in their lives? We'd all have the game in our hands if it hadn't been pushed further until November, not bothered by that fact at all... Nope. Not me. I'm kidding (or am I?), I know they did the right thing, sometimes making perfection just takes that little bit longer. I know it'll be so worth the wait. Like a lot of people, I grew up with the Spyro games. I wasn't blessed enough to own all three, but I was always grateful with anything I got as a kid. I faintly remember the first two Spyro games... Which if anything makes me even more excited to go back and remember everything I’d forgotten about. But Spyro 3 is 100% where my heart is. It’s the first game I actually completed, and probably my most re-played game of all time. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve gone through it start to finish and I can honestly say I still have so much fun every single time I play it.

If you didn’t have a chance to play Spyro when you were younger and are trying to decide whether to give the Trilogy a go this time around, I thought I’d give you a couple reasons why I think it’s the best decision you’ll make this year...

  2. The worlds you will venture through are beautiful, the art in this remaster looks incredible!
  3. It’s actually a steal price wise, £30 for all three games which are lengthy, wholesome games, you’ll spend weeks on end playing them. 
  4. Unlike Crash Bandicoot, you wont get triggered every 20 seconds of playing. Sorry Crash, but it’s true. I tried to go back to Crash Bandicoot 2 the other day I got so mad I turned my PS4 off. Oops. 
  5. It truly feels like you’re on an adventure. The worlds are so open, which gives you so much time to roam freely and explore each level til your heart is content.
So, show of hands who's going to be picking the Reignited Trilogy up November 13th? Which game are you most excited for? November will truly be a wonderful month for gamers everywhere. I can't wait.

Also just a little thanks to everyone who welcomed me back and sent me all of the love on my last post, I really appreciate it! I can't wait to get back into writing more, I'd love to know what you'd like to see me talk about in the future. :)

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It’s been 84 years...

Hello? Can anybody hear me? It feels kinda empty around here... Where did all of my posts go? WHO STOLE MY CONTENT? Oh yeah, that was me. I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time now, the struggle to write a new post has been real. If this is your first time reading my blog, I had been frequently blogging for around 5 years, as time went by I gradually posted less until I just stopped altogether. I’ve always loved having my little blog on the internet, I can’t say whether my writing was particularly interesting for anybody to read but I just loved to write. That’s all that mattered really, and I think I forgot how much I did enjoy it and because of that, I just disappeared from the world of blogging.

I guess this is my attempt of a comeback, including the disposal of some posts and hiding the rest in my drafts, I think that way I’ll be able to have a clean slate, fresh start kind of thing. I haven’t really planned much for my return, I’m kind of excited to just see what ideas come flowing through my brain. Or y’know, I could just completely overthink everything and return back to the comforts of my bed to hide there forever. It’s normally the latter, I won’t lie. Let’s try and change that shall we? Though my bed does sound super wonderful and comfy and warm and safe right about now... 

If you’re still reading, congratulations to you, I truly appreciate you sticking around. I’m no professional writer and I’ll never claim to be one, I just want to have fun writing again and hopefully anyone who decides to read will too! 

I suppose I should of made an introduction at the start really, better late than never! 
My name is Vicki, I’m 23 years old and I’m from the West Midlands in England. I have a huge love for Video Games. PS4 being my console of choice, but also dabbling in the world of Xbox and Nintendo. There’s no competing around here, I love all consoles. (BUY A PS4) I mean... Uh... I also love watching Movies and binging TV Shows on Netflix. Who doesn’t? I’ll hopefully get into more detail in future posts about my hobbies and such, I hope you enjoy the garbage I create on my blog, I will be eternally grateful if you do so. 

(Also, if you got the movie reference in the title, kudos to you. If you didn’t get it, where the hell have you been?) 
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