I'm back from Devon, yay :3. Was nice to get away from 3 days but i did miss home so much. The weather was lovely, rained the first day we came a bit but the 2 days after were nice. What did i do? Erm, well our hotel was a 5 minute walk from the beach so we went there, roamed around Devon highstreet and the shops on the harbour/beach front. Also went to the Zoo and Paignton pier which was fun. I had a lot of fun taking photos with my camera, i was really excited to do that before i even went! I'll show some pictures now, i'd go back anyday! Just not yet, cause i miss my boyfriend and he's still in Wales :(.

My week in photos

Welcome to my boring life :-)
1 - The lovely blue skies we had at the start of a week! I feel the need to always document when us Brits have good weather cause it never lasts.
2 - Sitting in the sun, with my new purple hair :}
3 - Borrowed AC Revelations off my boyfriend, was so excited to play this game. I've finished the story now, i might review it. Not sure yet.
4 - A book i cherished as a kid, used to love Jacqueline Wilsons books, and the show The Story Of Tracy Beaker.
5 - Irn Bru!! I love this drink so much, i can never find multipacks of them but i managed to find some :}
6 - I stopped at my boyfriend dads flat the weeked as his dad was away, and we got to look after his dog Buster :}. He's deaf, it's so cute, later on i found out i was allergic to him though :(


Since i was 13 , i started going to gigs. I'm really proud to have started going at that age, non-stop for 4 years is pretty cool. And thinking of it, i have no idea how i managed to pull it off. Having no job in those 4 years, i counted on winning at bingo (i play of a sunday at the pub haha) and birthdays/college funds/christmases.
I just feel really lucky to have gone to see so many bands i love and loved. Getting up at stupid hours to travel to different towns, sitting in the freezing cold for hours and hours. I was so dedicated, and nothing stopped me from doing it. Even travelling to Nottingham for a day festival and Manchester to see A Day To Remember. I was passionate about going to gigs and i loved it so much. I managed to meet my idols, Charlie Simpson and Mark Hoppus and i couldn't of been happier. According to my, i've been to 48 gigs which is a lot to me. Recently, i haven't been going to many. My last gig being blink-182, my favourite band in the world. I've had my gig obsession i think, it's time to start spending my money on other things. Unless there's a band i've loved for so long and haven't seen yet, of course!

DIY for the day

So me and my boyfriend got bored today as he'd stopped over the night before, so i decided to take the shelf out the middle of my tv stand. I've never been so proud of anything else hahaha. I love all my plushies i've bought and had given me for birthdays and christmas. Really gives it the final touch ;). God i'm sad, talking about my tv and xbox... Didn't take us long, had to clean dust from everywhere due to having laminate flooring. What an eventful day! (not).

Daisy Dress

Breakthrough! I thought i'd write about this even though it happened a few weeks ago. So all my life i haven't really been one for wearing dresses. I never dressed girly enough to feel good in one. But i was in Peacocks with my mum and couldn't help but notice this cute daisy dress in the sales, i tried it on and i fell it love. It made me feel cute and look really nice (well i felt like i did anyway). £9, bargain!

It might open my mind more to dresses now. Now that i've tried on a few, made myself feel better about how i look in them. Step forward in the right direction, woo :).


Been busy trying to get on with my college work recently. Hasn't worked much at all, but i did manage to snap a few photos for my sketchbook. One of the themes was observation. So, because i love cats so much i though it was important for me to involve cats into my work somehow! I feel like if i show the college tutors some photography work, they'd get the gist that i'm more of a photography student than an art student. So i decided to snap different features of a cat, really study how they look. Pleased with how they came out.

Purple hair!

I've wanted some sort of purple coloured hair for many years now. I started off putting Live XXL hair dyes over my brown hair, which didn't really have much effect at all. I did this for about a year before i began to bleach my hair. I continued to bleach my hair for a few months til i got it to quite a white/blonde colour on the top, and faded down to a light ginger at the ends. A few days ago i finally had the guts to colour my hair purple (well my friends helped). And it came out a really bright purple, i loved it but i soon found out having bright hair wasn't for me. So i applied a darker purple shade, and this is what the final result it. So happy with it :).

It looks bright when i'm under a light or it's light outside, but if it's getting darker at night or i'm just in a dull room it can look as black as the night. I love it so much!
I used Voilet and Plum Directions hair dye (btw).

Hello :}

Started this blog again, i have no idea what i'm going to be writing about on this blog in the future. Bits of everything really, i haven't used blogspot in years so i'll get used to it soon. Try and find some people to follow and such.