I'm back from Devon, yay :3. Was nice to get away from 3 days but i did miss home so much. The weather was lovely, rained the first day we came a bit but the 2 days after were nice. What did i do? Erm, well our hotel was a 5 minute walk from the beach so we went there, roamed around Devon highstreet and the shops on the harbour/beach front. Also went to the Zoo and Paignton pier which was fun. I had a lot of fun taking photos with my camera, i was really excited to do that before i even went! I'll show some pictures now, i'd go back anyday! Just not yet, cause i miss my boyfriend and he's still in Wales :(.


  1. Awh man it looks so gorgeous, I'm jealous! Hope you had a lovely time :) xo

    1. I did thank you, i love going to beaches, the scenery is so lovely to me :'3 x


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