DIY for the day

So me and my boyfriend got bored today as he'd stopped over the night before, so i decided to take the shelf out the middle of my tv stand. I've never been so proud of anything else hahaha. I love all my plushies i've bought and had given me for birthdays and christmas. Really gives it the final touch ;). God i'm sad, talking about my tv and xbox... Didn't take us long, had to clean dust from everywhere due to having laminate flooring. What an eventful day! (not).


  1. Damn I wish I had all your plushies, their so cute, I mean i have a mini hello kitty and a pikachu, looks so perfect1 ^.^ xo

    1. I got the hello kitty from build a bear factory years ago when i thought i was some cool scene kid LOL.
      But i can't help but collect them my inner nerd comes out :3 x


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