Since i was 13 , i started going to gigs. I'm really proud to have started going at that age, non-stop for 4 years is pretty cool. And thinking of it, i have no idea how i managed to pull it off. Having no job in those 4 years, i counted on winning at bingo (i play of a sunday at the pub haha) and birthdays/college funds/christmases.
I just feel really lucky to have gone to see so many bands i love and loved. Getting up at stupid hours to travel to different towns, sitting in the freezing cold for hours and hours. I was so dedicated, and nothing stopped me from doing it. Even travelling to Nottingham for a day festival and Manchester to see A Day To Remember. I was passionate about going to gigs and i loved it so much. I managed to meet my idols, Charlie Simpson and Mark Hoppus and i couldn't of been happier. According to my, i've been to 48 gigs which is a lot to me. Recently, i haven't been going to many. My last gig being blink-182, my favourite band in the world. I've had my gig obsession i think, it's time to start spending my money on other things. Unless there's a band i've loved for so long and haven't seen yet, of course!

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