My week in photos

Welcome to my boring life :-)
1 - The lovely blue skies we had at the start of a week! I feel the need to always document when us Brits have good weather cause it never lasts.
2 - Sitting in the sun, with my new purple hair :}
3 - Borrowed AC Revelations off my boyfriend, was so excited to play this game. I've finished the story now, i might review it. Not sure yet.
4 - A book i cherished as a kid, used to love Jacqueline Wilsons books, and the show The Story Of Tracy Beaker.
5 - Irn Bru!! I love this drink so much, i can never find multipacks of them but i managed to find some :}
6 - I stopped at my boyfriend dads flat the weeked as his dad was away, and we got to look after his dog Buster :}. He's deaf, it's so cute, later on i found out i was allergic to him though :(


  1. Buster looks so cute in that picture awe! Also Tracy beaker, what a book hah.
    Elle xp

    1. He was, i think it made him 10x cuter that he couldn't respond to me talking to him :'3

  2. Aw, such a lovely blog! I really love your hair :---) Mine used to be plum coloured this summer, never as purple as yours, though! x


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