Purple hair!

I've wanted some sort of purple coloured hair for many years now. I started off putting Live XXL hair dyes over my brown hair, which didn't really have much effect at all. I did this for about a year before i began to bleach my hair. I continued to bleach my hair for a few months til i got it to quite a white/blonde colour on the top, and faded down to a light ginger at the ends. A few days ago i finally had the guts to colour my hair purple (well my friends helped). And it came out a really bright purple, i loved it but i soon found out having bright hair wasn't for me. So i applied a darker purple shade, and this is what the final result it. So happy with it :).

It looks bright when i'm under a light or it's light outside, but if it's getting darker at night or i'm just in a dull room it can look as black as the night. I love it so much!
I used Voilet and Plum Directions hair dye (btw).


  1. Oh my god wow this looks gorgeous, I've always wanted to do this, I've done lilac and XL dyes but bright purple is on the list too. Really suits you :D

    1. Thank you :3
      I love your blonde, but you look good with any colour tbh x


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