My week in photos #2

Apologies for the lack of posts this week, i've been away in Devon and soon as i got back i spent the night and day with my boyfriend so i didn't go on my laptop to blog. Forgive me! :3
1 - Funny story, i tried to make this kitty look like a princess. He belongs to next door, and they thought he was a girl when they first bought him home so they called him Tia. Say hello to princess Tia ;D!
2 - My 'first self picture in Devon'. Travelled all morning and got there finally at 1pm :). Love my new cardigan so much.
3 - Don't mind me, i took about 20 photos of the beach/scenery. 
4 - £2 for a cat stationary set? Don't mind if i do!
5 - Car rid home :) my hair started fading really lightly, i'd have kept it this colour but my roots were so horrible x___x
6 - I've only ever had a few starbucks but i do enjoy them when i have them.

Hope you all had a lovely week ^___^