Instagram Catch Up #4

Just a few this time :). I don't tend to include all my photos cause some i do realize how pointless they actually are, ahh the joys of instagram.
  1. A new shirt i tried on in ASDA, i loved the colours and dip dye but i didn't get it :(.
  2. My beautiful kitty keeping me company whilst i was ill with the norovirus (eugh don't get me started on that virus).
  3. Smarties cookies i made, they look delicious but they were the most horrible things i've ever tasted :(!
  4. Getting excited over Christmas!
  5. My amazing new shoes from Jeff Baines my mum got me.
  6. The best chocolates to eat over christmas, ever!


It's been a few weeks since i've started getting back into blogging now, so i found out how to create my own button and i've made a simple one to start with. Buttons are a great idea and i always love seeing everyone elses buttons, and if anything it makes me want to follow their blogs more! So yeah, if anyones kind enough to use it, please let me know and i'll return the favour. Much appreciated :)


Okay, i am in LOVE with any kind of collars on clothing, from Peter Pan style to just a normal type collar. To find a decent piece of clothing with the cute collar it costs way more than i can afford, so until i've started working properly i'm just going to long for these beautiful pieces i found online. Ugh they're so pretty.
Velvet seems to be coming into fashion too and i've spotted a pair of velvet leggings and i've been obsessed with looking at any piece of velvet clothing i could find! I really can't wait to start earning money to buy these beauties :)! 
Do you like Peter Pan collars? I actually don't own one piece of clothing with a Peter Pan collar on, but i'm determined to changed that!

Christmas mini haul?

Is that what you call it? I've never done one before so i thought why not! :) Currently snuggled up on the sofa writing this with my dads new blanket covering me, stolen already :3. Well i've had a quite a nice Christmas morning and afternoon, watched films with my family so it's been quite a chilled day :). I'm wearing a jumper my mum bought me, leggings from Primark from my mums friend (they're so comfy ahh) and zebra socks from Bhs (also so soft warm and comfy!). 

Also taken with my camera and it's new lens! Aah so pretty and it's made my pictures i take a lot more defined and focused which is great, only downside is that it has no zoom control so it's automatically zoomed in, but i'm not complaining!

My mum bought me some Samy Fat Hair shampoo and conditioner, good for people with thin hair and needing a little volume which actually does work :). And my lens obviously and then a perfume from avon, i love the Secret Fantasy perfumes, nice and sweet smelling.

My brother got me some amazing new straighteners, i got my first pair when i was around 13 and i haven't changed them since so it was a nice surprise off him, also i love Remington straighteners, they never fail to do a good job imo. Myself loving the film My Neighbour Totoro, my fab best pal Alex managed to get me a cute Totoro message bag! I love it so much, he knows what i love so i knew it'd be a great gift :).

How lush are these shoes? My mum and i went last minute shopping Christmas Eve and i found these from Jeff Baines for £20 and i'm in love with them! They're so comfortable and i love the suede, looked 10x better than the leather ones i'd seen.

I got a load of chocolates, eyeliner, pyjamas and few clothes so it was a great day overall and i can't wait til Christmas comes back around again! I love this time of the year.

Merry Christmas!

The title says it all, i hope you're all having a wonderful day :). And you got everything you wished for! I'm very grateful for what i got and i'll make a short post about it soon. Can't wait to see everyones post-christmas posts! :3 I'll leave you with my most adorable cat you'll see this christmas, what a cutie. Even though he's really upset with us because we didn't get him any catnip :(.

Being a confident person.

I hate saying this, but as i've grown older i have noticed how little effort i put into how i look. Having next to nothing money whilst being a teenager in todays society of what gorgeous and pretty is, it's hard to feel good about yourself when you simply can't afford things to do so. I see teenagers nowadays, and they're spoilt rotten, having the most expensive clothes etc. i'm not spoilt at all, and that's a good thing. Because i respect my parents for not giving me everything i want, because i find that rude and it's always amazing when my mum does buy me clothes cause it's not something i get all the time so i can look forward to it.
           Kinda sidetracked there a little, but i've been realizing how i can't afford to buy nice make-up, and hair dyes, and clothes every week like people do. I'm not saying i want to be completely fake to feel happy, but i feel like if i did have that little bit more money to make more effort with how i dress and how i use my make-up, i would feel so much better about myself.
            Natural beauty is amazing for many girls, because i do see girls that wear way too much but you can tell she's pretty without it all on and it's a shame they hide it. But being an insecure girl i am, i don't like my natural face, even though i'm always look natural, which i guess is why i'm so self conscious and i'm not happy with how i look. I feel like i could be a happier person if i made that little more effort.
         Sorry if this made no sense, i just wanted to get my feeling out about that certain topic.

A job oppurtunity

I turn 18 in January and i have still yet to have found any sort of job, it's not that i don't want one because the money would be amazing but i've just never really had the confidence to apply anywhere. I worry over literally everything so when it comes to an environment i am unfamiliar with people i don't know, it makes me feel ever so uncomfortable and that's whats stopped me from ever trying to find somewhere to work. Plus i'm super shy so i feel like i'd need to sort out how i am around new people before i start diving into something completely new.
                  As i was saying, as i'm approaching 18 i talked to my local pubs owners last night, and told them about how i'm nearly legal to work behind a bar and if there was any sort of jobs going there. I've been going to this bar around 10 years now, so the environment is never strange and i literally know the names of everyone who goes in there (i'm good with names though). So i felt like it was a really good chance for me to find a job and also this could help with my confidence and hopefully bring me out of my shell a bit more. So i asked, hoping for something positive and i've spoke to both owners now and they said they'll train me up to become a bar staff so i'm really excited about this news! But also very nervous because even though i know how to pull pints, there's a lot more to being bar staff than just doing that. But i literally love the owners both to bits so i'm gonna feel really comfortable working there, the bonus is i'm getting paid for doing it!
              So wish me luck when i start training, and hopefully i'll be a barmaid in the next few months!

Instagram catch-up! #3

Well, it's been forever since i've done one of these so i'll include a few photos i took from over the last few months ^____^ xo
1. When i still had my purple hair! :( And one of my favourite outfits.
2. My 'i am so excited to go out in the rain and cold today for college' face.
3. Kitty falling asleep on my mums hand.
4. New clothes! I never stop wearing that scarf now.
5. Borrowed GTA4 and my boyfriend got Ac3 yay :)!
6. Bonfire night! First time i'd been to one in ages.
7. I started a december instagram challenege and it lasted two days, i tried...
8. A successful printmaking session at college :)
9. 13 days and counting! I love christmas so much eeeee.

I'll keep my instagram posts updated now hopefully, as i really want to start getting into blogging again!