A job oppurtunity

I turn 18 in January and i have still yet to have found any sort of job, it's not that i don't want one because the money would be amazing but i've just never really had the confidence to apply anywhere. I worry over literally everything so when it comes to an environment i am unfamiliar with people i don't know, it makes me feel ever so uncomfortable and that's whats stopped me from ever trying to find somewhere to work. Plus i'm super shy so i feel like i'd need to sort out how i am around new people before i start diving into something completely new.
                  As i was saying, as i'm approaching 18 i talked to my local pubs owners last night, and told them about how i'm nearly legal to work behind a bar and if there was any sort of jobs going there. I've been going to this bar around 10 years now, so the environment is never strange and i literally know the names of everyone who goes in there (i'm good with names though). So i felt like it was a really good chance for me to find a job and also this could help with my confidence and hopefully bring me out of my shell a bit more. So i asked, hoping for something positive and i've spoke to both owners now and they said they'll train me up to become a bar staff so i'm really excited about this news! But also very nervous because even though i know how to pull pints, there's a lot more to being bar staff than just doing that. But i literally love the owners both to bits so i'm gonna feel really comfortable working there, the bonus is i'm getting paid for doing it!
              So wish me luck when i start training, and hopefully i'll be a barmaid in the next few months!


  1. Hey! Thank you for the follow :)

    I get what you mean. I turned 19 in September and still don't have a proper job. I had one for about a month or so back in May/June, but I felt so uncomfortable there and so anxious before I went into work. I don't feel very comfortable around new people, so it's definitely something i'll have to work on in the new year to get a job.

    I hope you have fun with the bar job! Good luck :)

    Laura x

    1. Its no problem, i love your blog :).
      And it's shit right? And same for me, definitely a new years resolution for me!
      Thanks very much :3


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