Being a confident person.

I hate saying this, but as i've grown older i have noticed how little effort i put into how i look. Having next to nothing money whilst being a teenager in todays society of what gorgeous and pretty is, it's hard to feel good about yourself when you simply can't afford things to do so. I see teenagers nowadays, and they're spoilt rotten, having the most expensive clothes etc. i'm not spoilt at all, and that's a good thing. Because i respect my parents for not giving me everything i want, because i find that rude and it's always amazing when my mum does buy me clothes cause it's not something i get all the time so i can look forward to it.
           Kinda sidetracked there a little, but i've been realizing how i can't afford to buy nice make-up, and hair dyes, and clothes every week like people do. I'm not saying i want to be completely fake to feel happy, but i feel like if i did have that little bit more money to make more effort with how i dress and how i use my make-up, i would feel so much better about myself.
            Natural beauty is amazing for many girls, because i do see girls that wear way too much but you can tell she's pretty without it all on and it's a shame they hide it. But being an insecure girl i am, i don't like my natural face, even though i'm always look natural, which i guess is why i'm so self conscious and i'm not happy with how i look. I feel like i could be a happier person if i made that little more effort.
         Sorry if this made no sense, i just wanted to get my feeling out about that certain topic.


  1. I completely agree with this! It's so difficult to afford it at duh a young age and when you're compeating against girls whose parents can afford it and have it with the click of a finger, it is a small put down I find.
    Mia x


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