Christmas mini haul?

Is that what you call it? I've never done one before so i thought why not! :) Currently snuggled up on the sofa writing this with my dads new blanket covering me, stolen already :3. Well i've had a quite a nice Christmas morning and afternoon, watched films with my family so it's been quite a chilled day :). I'm wearing a jumper my mum bought me, leggings from Primark from my mums friend (they're so comfy ahh) and zebra socks from Bhs (also so soft warm and comfy!). 

Also taken with my camera and it's new lens! Aah so pretty and it's made my pictures i take a lot more defined and focused which is great, only downside is that it has no zoom control so it's automatically zoomed in, but i'm not complaining!

My mum bought me some Samy Fat Hair shampoo and conditioner, good for people with thin hair and needing a little volume which actually does work :). And my lens obviously and then a perfume from avon, i love the Secret Fantasy perfumes, nice and sweet smelling.

My brother got me some amazing new straighteners, i got my first pair when i was around 13 and i haven't changed them since so it was a nice surprise off him, also i love Remington straighteners, they never fail to do a good job imo. Myself loving the film My Neighbour Totoro, my fab best pal Alex managed to get me a cute Totoro message bag! I love it so much, he knows what i love so i knew it'd be a great gift :).

How lush are these shoes? My mum and i went last minute shopping Christmas Eve and i found these from Jeff Baines for £20 and i'm in love with them! They're so comfortable and i love the suede, looked 10x better than the leather ones i'd seen.

I got a load of chocolates, eyeliner, pyjamas and few clothes so it was a great day overall and i can't wait til Christmas comes back around again! I love this time of the year.


  1. Great post. You take really crisp photos and I like the way your voice sounds when you blog.. I've been meaning to tell you that. Haha. Happy holidays! xx, Nora. :)

    1. Thank you :) I do try my best to capture the photos as good as i can.
      And is that even possible? haha, thank you :)
      Merry Christmas xo

  2. lovely gifts! love those shoes!

    1. Thanks, i cant stop wearing them! X


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