Instagram catch-up! #3

Well, it's been forever since i've done one of these so i'll include a few photos i took from over the last few months ^____^ xo
1. When i still had my purple hair! :( And one of my favourite outfits.
2. My 'i am so excited to go out in the rain and cold today for college' face.
3. Kitty falling asleep on my mums hand.
4. New clothes! I never stop wearing that scarf now.
5. Borrowed GTA4 and my boyfriend got Ac3 yay :)!
6. Bonfire night! First time i'd been to one in ages.
7. I started a december instagram challenege and it lasted two days, i tried...
8. A successful printmaking session at college :)
9. 13 days and counting! I love christmas so much eeeee.

I'll keep my instagram posts updated now hopefully, as i really want to start getting into blogging again!

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