Skater Dresses

You probably might know, or have noticed i never wear dresses. And to be honest i think it's about time i showed my feminine side to myself, because i feel like i need a change of style as i stick to leggings and shirts nearly always... I absolutely fell in love with every Skater Dress i have seen so far! I'm really wary when it comes to dresses, so i thought, that's it! I am buying this dress and i'm not going to hesitate (cause i do that a lot and it results in me buying nothing). As i bought it off eBay, i couldn't try it on before i bought it so it gave me more determination to start broadening my style. So it came today in the post and i am in love! For the price of £10 it's a wonderful buy! So happy i made this decision, and i've had lovely feedback off it which gave me a little confidence, so it's all good :). Skater dresses always define your figure so well and i love it, so i know what dresses to buy in the future.

What are your thoughts on these type of dresses? :3

Instagram Catch-Up #5

1. Outfit for college in my new comfy leggings :).
2. Cosmos with my boyfriend for my birthday i tried sushi and macroons and didn't like what i tasted :(.
3. Cutest coin ever!
4. My new eyeshadow pallet arrived from China, yay!
5. Start of the snow...
6. Perfect time to wear my cheetah hat from River Island!
7. Myself and le boyfriend :).
8. Our trip to the park

week 2 & 3 of photos.

I missed last weeks post (i'm terrible, my second week and i'm failing already), but i've been busy at college. As it's my last year, it's my final project of the year so i've been experimenting with different things with my camera. I thought i'd show you a few.

Some of my creations with low shutter speed! (i think). My projects theme is fragment (college chose it for us, sigh), so i'm showing fragments of movement in a photograph. It's only my second week so i'm pretty chuffed with what i've done so far.
Here's a few others from the past two weeks.
Snow! I'm only putting a few snow pictures cause i wanted to make a seperate post because snow is amazing and i love it :).


I love snow, but i'm not the type to be out running around like a child playing in it. That'd just make me cold! I love being all snuggled up and warm in my layers of clothing, or inside just looking at it. Boring i know. But i went out to my local park i hadn't been with my boyfriend for yeaaars, dreading that there would be snowballs flying everywhere and so much noise. But to my surprise, it was soo peaceful. I loved it, made me love the snow even more. It's snowing as i type this, ahhh :). Here's a few snaps from when i went over to the park.
Do you like the snow? Or would you prefer to sit snuggled up nice and warm with a cuppa tea or hot chocolate? :3

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Whats in my bag?

So, i've been watching beauty youtubers for years now and i always love watching their videos about whats in their bags, theirs always seems to be a lot more interesting than mine but i thought i might as well do one as it looks like fun :).
Myself and my mum one night started bargain hunting online, and i came across this little store called Everything5Pounds, i'll let you guess how much the items were on the website ;). But yeah, i never trust websites like this as it would probably end up all being cheap material and wouldn't be worth it. But i took a risk on buying this nice canvas bag and also a jumper from the website. And the quality of material is actually amazing for the price i paid! So I'm really happy with what I'd bought, and this is my new bag i use for my everyday use to college or if I'm stopping over at my boyfriends house. I can see it lasting for a long time. Plus the colours go so well together and i can wear it with anything :).
My items are pretty basic to be honest. 
  1. My purse, from internationale i think.
  2. Batiste dry shampoo, one of the best creations in this world. I'm sure you can all relate.
  3. A brush i bought from Avon for my mum (stolen :3).
  4. Bonjela because i suffer with constant ulcers (even though i have none at the moment, yes!!).
  5. My pencil case full of everything i need for college.
  6. 2true Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, a cheap buy from Superdrug and i can't live without the stuff!
  7. Secret Fantasy perfume from Avon, such sweet smells i'm in love with it.
  8. My old iPhone 3g, now used as an iPod and it's slow and doesn't work for much else other than my music.
  9.  And if i'm at college, my art/photography books and a notepad would also be in there too!
Hopefully later on in the year i can update you all on a more interesting post about my bag contents, but for now this is all i need in my life every day! 

I ❤ Avon!

For years now, i have been a fan of Avon. My mum started getting it years ago, and i've started buying products near enough every brochure we get. It's a bit risky with some as you can't test them first but i took a few risks and these are just a few of what i've loved buying from Avon!
1. Face cream! I didn't really take care of my skin until last year, so i asked my mum what to start off with to keep my skin lovely and she showed me this. I use pore face scrub and sometimes it makes my skin a little dry and tense, so i put this on after and it makes it feel a lot more hydrated and soft. It's lovely. It's a huge tub too so it'll last me ages!
2. Nail varnishes! (the left colour is nothing like the actual thing! it's meant to be a deep purple). I love their nailwear pro selection of colours, it definitely lasts for ages and that's always a plus. 
3. Concealer. Being a victim of dark circles under my eyes, this item is a lifesaver. It makes me feel so much better when i see myself because i hate my dark circles :(. The only bad thing is that Colourtrend only have two shades for this so there isn't much choice. But thank the lord the 'light' shade is just my colour :).
4. Eyeshadow. I seem to have a theme of blue products, this little pallet contains a silver blue and a more navy shimmery blue. And i love blending the both together on my lid, it's very effective and lasts most the day :).
5. Foot cream/scrub. As much as i hate feet... I still want to look after my own. My heels are absolutely terrible from constantly walking for 18 years, so they're all rough and hard. But after I'm out the bath, i pop these on my heels and it definitely makes them a lot more smoother and as it says... Removes horrible skin!
6. Room/bed spray! This is one of my favourite items of all time. They really make my room smell a lot nicer, and i spray them on my sheets before bed just to make them smell a lot more fresher. quite relaxing :-)

Have you got any favourite avon products?

Gingerbread Men!

Okay, i am really starting to enjoy baking. Whether i am good at it or not, i'll still do it. I can only get better :). I managed to tackle Gingerbread Men this time, having taking me forever trying to find a cutter! Superstores in England are useless, or maybe just where i live :(. So yeah, this is how i did it.
(also not pictured 125g of butter, softened!)

Tag, i'm it?!

Hello :)! I'm quite excited to do this challenge as it's my first i've ever managed to complete. I feel like i can start accepting these post challenges now i have a few more followers. (Thank you so much by the way everyone). The lovely Laura (check out her blog, i love it) tagged me so let's get right into the questions.

The rules are:
Answer the 11 set questions
Set 11 questions for 11 people you tag
Mention the blog who tagged you
My set questions are:
1. What are you hoping will happen in 2013?
I'm hoping to start working, finish and pass my two years of college with flying colours, gain more confidence within myself and go travelling!
2. Would you change anything from 2012?
My attitude to life, i was very laid back and down for no reason. I spent a lot of time by myself at home so i'd have liked to have been more outgoing with my friends and boyfriend.
3. If you went into a shop and could buy one chocolate bar, what would you buy?
Between Galaxy Cookie Crumble and Milky Way Crispy (mmmm)
4. What was one of your resolutions for this year?
Be healthier, i can do this D:
5. What's your ideal Saturday night?
Spending it snuggled up with my boyfriend, or with my mum.
6. What are two of your favourite books?
I don't read (ahhh)
7. Are you a Winter, Spring, Autumn or Summer person?
I'd say summer if we actually had sun, but i like weather where you don't have to wear layers upon layers so i'd say spring/summer?!
8. What is your favourite TV show?
Friends, Big Bang Theory, The Inbetweeners, 2 Broke Girls, i could go on...
9. Favourite movie?
Scott Pilgrim, Superbad, 21 Jump Street, She's The Man (i can't chose one)
10. What are your favourite make-up products to use?
My liquid eyeliner and concealer i use for my circles
11. How long do you take to do your face in the morning?
 I only put on eyeshadow, concealer and eyeliner on so i'd say 10 minutes?

Woo done! Now lets think of some questions to ask...
  1. Are you a cat or a dog person?
  2. Do you accessorize? If so, what do you wear?
  3. Name 3 music artists you could listen to all day.
  4. One beauty product you couldn't live without?
  5. Favourite non-alcoholic drink?
  6. Best place/city/country you've ever been to?
  7. Are you an outgoing person or do you prefer staying in?
  8. Do you watch any beauty vloggers or anyone on youtube?
  9. Favourite time of the year?
  10. A country you would really love to travel to.
  11. One guilty pleasure!
The people i tag are...
Elle @
Helen @
Valerie @
Steph @
And anyone else who wants to join in :3

New clothes!

Taking advantage with the sales going on and Christmas/Birthday money sitting in my purse i thought it would be a good time to buy some new clothes (yay!).
 Not alot, but it was time i got a few more to add to my clothes rack. I love the cat tank top, how could i have not bought it though!? College is already draining the crap out of me, it's fun at the moment :(. Hope everyones having a better week!

52 weeks, 365 days. (week1)

So i'm starting a challenge for myself, being a big photography lover, i am going to try to take a photo every day for the whole year. Or maybe just a few pictures each week, just to see how i do. As a photography and art student i feel like i need to start broadening my portfolio (one of my new years resolutions) so i think this is a great way of doing so!
Seeing as a week ago today we celebrated the 1st of January, this is my first week over! (already). Lets see how i did...
At the start of the week the sky went a pretty pink colour, the photo doesn't do it justice. And i carried on with one of my branch/sky projects i'm working on!  
I made gingerbread men! :3
One of my new jumpers i bought this week, messing with my new lens and it's focus to detail.
My kitty that sleeps 24/7
My first attempt at nail art and my beautiful kitty. Sorry they're boring this week, i've had the flu which had resulted in me not leaving the house :(If you could check out my pictures on facebook i'd appreciate it so much!

Happy Birthday to me! ◕‿◕✿

I'm 18 today! And i'm still feeling ill, i've been ill for a few weeks now, with the norovirus then the flu for ages now :(. But i'm still making the most of my birthday (and the last day off before college tomorrow, blah) by watching friends as i type this. Quite a quiet birthday, i got mostly money, and my boyfriend is taking me shopping Saturday as he doesn't know what to get me (so look forward to that cause i know i am!) I'm going for a meal later with my family though so that should lift my ill spirits, and Joe's taking me to Cosmos with his family on friday, yay for food!
Just a quick outfit shot to show you what i'm wearing for my meal, also wearing stirrup black leggings. I love this new blouse though, the collar is so cute.

Also i painted my nails today for the first time in months! They've been too plain for too long so i decided to match to my blouse and paint them this blue colour. And with nail art being such a big thing right now, i thought I'd give it a try as I'd never done anything like that before, and i loved it! Obviously I'm not amazing at it, and i didn't exactly have the right tools (i used a cotton bud). But i definitely want to get me some nail art pens and start experimenting now, and I've got some nail colours coming from Avon in the next week or so so that's exciting :3. 
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and blah back to college we go! xo


 I'm really starting to enjoy baking goodies for myself and my family, it's very therapeutic and helps me stay calm and relaxed (unless I'm making a mess and stressing about it). So i picked up a quick making recipe from Betty Crocker, i chose this as I'd made cakes from these recipes before so i knew they'd taste as good as I'd made before. And they turned out pretty well, they taste so delicious as i would have expected. Betty Crocker never fails to please.