52 weeks, 365 days. (week1)

So i'm starting a challenge for myself, being a big photography lover, i am going to try to take a photo every day for the whole year. Or maybe just a few pictures each week, just to see how i do. As a photography and art student i feel like i need to start broadening my portfolio (one of my new years resolutions) so i think this is a great way of doing so!
Seeing as a week ago today we celebrated the 1st of January, this is my first week over! (already). Lets see how i did...
At the start of the week the sky went a pretty pink colour, the photo doesn't do it justice. And i carried on with one of my branch/sky projects i'm working on!  
I made gingerbread men! :3
One of my new jumpers i bought this week, messing with my new lens and it's focus to detail.
My kitty that sleeps 24/7
My first attempt at nail art and my beautiful kitty. Sorry they're boring this week, i've had the flu which had resulted in me not leaving the house :(If you could check out my pictures on facebook i'd appreciate it so much! http://www.facebook.com/xphotosbyvicki


  1. This such a good idea! Can't wait to see more photos :) xx

    1. Thank.you, i hope i stick to it tbh x

  2. beautiful photos! I love the sunset one! I'm horrid at nail art, but yours doesn't look too bad! :) fun size beauty

  3. The photos are so beautiful :D I loved the cookies haha & the nail art! xx

  4. Great project idea and beautiful photos! We will definitely come back to check how you're getting on with it!

  5. Lovely photos! Your cats are adorable; I'm a cat enthusiast myself. :)
    Great blog, by the way!


    1. Thanks, and ahhh a fellow cat lover, nice to meet you! :3
      Thank you

  6. hello!! Your cats are adorable ermergerd and so are the cookies! You're almost close to 50 followers congrats:):) i really love your blog so imma help you get a bit closer to that 50 :P Im your new follower. Amazing pictures!



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