Things i want to achieve in 2013.

Happy New Year! <3
I feel like i'm going to have a much better year in 2013 and i want to set myself some little goals to help me along the way :).

  1. Finally start working after my training, i'm already a pro at pulling pints and i'm getting the hang of using the till.
  2. Drink lots of water, i plan to do this by having a few glasses at home and to always drink water when i'm at work.
  3. Get my first tattoo, not sure of what i want for my first but i will have it!
  4. Start to eat healthier, don't have snacks at college and have fruit instead.
  5. Broaden my photography portfolio.
  6. Watch as many films as possible, illegally or legally (sue me).
  7. Make new friends, meet new people, socialise.
  8. Broaden my style, try things on i never thought i'd look nice in. I always avoid wearing things i've never worn before.
  9. Try out different beauty products to help bring my confidence up.
  10. Make an effort with my appearance, meaning hair, clothes, make up etc.
I'm sure i have a lot more i'd like to achieve but i'll leave it at that for now, it's kind of a nice thing to do as it helps you to think about how you want to see yourself progressing through the year and helps refresh your mind of anything you want to do and are determined to do so! I am determined to make this a good year, and i'm not one of those people who say that every year because it's the first time i've ever said it.


  1. lovely blog and happy new year! x

  2. These are really good aims:) I would like to start meeting new pele too, although I do completely adore my friends! It would just be nice to do more fun things xx

    1. Ahh, seeing as i left school for college i lost contact with many friends so hopefully 2013 will be good to me to help find new friends :)

  3. I also need to drink more water, eat healthier!! How did I not realise you had a blog?!?! xxx

    1. I find it hard to eat healthy, i can drink water easy though :'3
      and i don't know D: I'm still pretty new though soo xx


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