Top 10 Songs of 2012.

I think 2012 has had a fantastic year for music! My music taste has completely changed over the past 12 months, i definitely think it has broadened, a LOT. I can listen to any music, and i'll probably know a song if you quizzed me. The charts for 2012 haven't been too bad either, so lets get started!
10. - I'll start off with probably the most heard song of 2012, the marmite of the year (you either love it or hate it), PSY - Gangnam Style. I don't care what anyone says, i absolutely adore it, it's so catchy and sad enough i know most of the Korean lyrics now. The dance is hilarious to do drunk at a party and it just brings people together to have a good laugh.
9. Apart from the video being completely random (but then again nothing seems normal anymore), Feel The Love by Rudimental (featuring John Newman) was a brilliant song of 2012. My brother grew me up with listening to music like this, so i felt in my element when first listening to it. Another great song to have a bit of a rave to as well! :3
8. Being already completely in love with the French beauty that is David Guetta, i instantly fell in love with this new song earlier on in the year. Sia has such a beautiful unique voice and it blends so well in this song. People say David Guetta is very samey and i'm not going to say that he comes out with something completely different everytime, because that wouldn't be his music. So having Sias amazing voice with his mixing was a perfect match for Titanium.
7. Being a hardcore Eurovision Song Contest watcher, i was as excited as ever for 2012s show. Euphoria by Loreen is amazing! I fell in love with her voice and her crazy dancing as she performed it live (performing it so good too, you don't see that from chart music nowadays, sorry!). Along with this stunning video she made for Euphoria, probably one of the best songs to come out of Eurovision, even if it isn't so popular now.

6. Brokenhearted by Karmin was a lovely change to the samey chart music in 2012. I actually gained quite a love for these two people through the year and i love their music. I find the female vocalists mix of singing and rapping quite enjoyable and it shows through their album, and i like to see something different and different is what Karmin are. Plus the fact they're a couple is cute.
5. I love it when totally unexpected Artists collaborate together! My not so guilty pleasure. Simple Plan have been a band i've listened to since i was 13, so they've been one of those bands i've always enjoyed their music, having them create a perfect song with Sean Paul who i've listened to since i was born (probably) was a complete surprise, but good one! Such a lovely summery song too, i love those kind of songs.
4. I've always been a Demi Lovato fan, not music wise though, more of the television side. So when she came out with Give Your Heart a Break i absolutely adored it. Her vocals are stunning and her going through what she has been through these few years, was a real breath of fresh air to hear. I'll always love her.
3. I can't help but love chart music, sorry. But Swedish House Mafia's Don't You Worry Child was a brilliant edition to 2012. After them coming out with them splitting up, i feel like this song was a massive success for them and they full deserve it. Such a dancey song, and the video is perfect!
2. It was hard to chose which song of Die Antwoord to include in my top 10 as i pretty much love most of thier music, so i settled for Fok Julle Naaiers. My best pal got me into these as he'd be constantly listening to them at college, and at first to be honest, yeah i was completely freaked out by Yolandi's high pitched voice. But it really it something you learn to love, and their music is completely unique and i love them for it.
1. Cheating by using a 2011 song for number one, don't kill me D: But I feel like i needed to put Paramore at number 1. With the reason being that i have completely adored this band since i was about 12, and i had a huge obsession with them for years. That obsession started to wear off in 2011 and i feel like i re-gained my love for them in 2012. Having them bring out new songs such as Monster and Hello Cold World, i literally fell back in love with these three people instantly. And i just can tell that they're a band i'll listen to for the rest of my life. I literally cannot wait for their new album.

Hope you enjoyed my mini review of the music i loved in 2012. I can't wait to see what 2013 music brings!


  1. 2012 did have some brilliant music. Good checks you have here;) I see what you mean though, there were a few songs I was surprised that I did or didn't like xx

  2. I love this idea and your blog. I have nominated you for a Liebster blog award :)

    Bethan x


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