Whats in my bag?

So, i've been watching beauty youtubers for years now and i always love watching their videos about whats in their bags, theirs always seems to be a lot more interesting than mine but i thought i might as well do one as it looks like fun :).
Myself and my mum one night started bargain hunting online, and i came across this little store called Everything5Pounds, i'll let you guess how much the items were on the website ;). But yeah, i never trust websites like this as it would probably end up all being cheap material and wouldn't be worth it. But i took a risk on buying this nice canvas bag and also a jumper from the website. And the quality of material is actually amazing for the price i paid! So I'm really happy with what I'd bought, and this is my new bag i use for my everyday use to college or if I'm stopping over at my boyfriends house. I can see it lasting for a long time. Plus the colours go so well together and i can wear it with anything :).
My items are pretty basic to be honest. 
  1. My purse, from internationale i think.
  2. Batiste dry shampoo, one of the best creations in this world. I'm sure you can all relate.
  3. A brush i bought from Avon for my mum (stolen :3).
  4. Bonjela because i suffer with constant ulcers (even though i have none at the moment, yes!!).
  5. My pencil case full of everything i need for college.
  6. 2true Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, a cheap buy from Superdrug and i can't live without the stuff!
  7. Secret Fantasy perfume from Avon, such sweet smells i'm in love with it.
  8. My old iPhone 3g, now used as an iPod and it's slow and doesn't work for much else other than my music.
  9.  And if i'm at college, my art/photography books and a notepad would also be in there too!
Hopefully later on in the year i can update you all on a more interesting post about my bag contents, but for now this is all i need in my life every day! 


  1. I love your bag, it's really pretty :) xx

  2. Nice bag! Love your pencil case too :) x

    1. Thanks, it's quite big so it's very handy for college aha x

  3. That bag is gorgeous! I've been eyeing one up in Primark similar to this one, but I'm definitely not paying that much for something I'd end up only using occasionally! But this is lovely :)

    I always carry some Batiste with me, too. My hair goes crap as soon as the fresh hair hits it, so Batiste gives it a kick afterwards :)

    Laura x

    1. It was quite a nice steal for only a fiver, they had a few colours of it too.
      And it's such a lifesaver isn't it?!

  4. That bag is gorgeous!:)
    I always carry bonjela too, ulcers are such a massive pain! Xx

  5. Great post! I love the bag so much!

  6. I have nominated you for the liebster award!
    I love your blog!
    Check my blog for the post :-)

  7. Your bag is so gorgeous! I really want to do one of these posts but feel like mine won't be interesting hmm :')

    Elle xxx

    1. It can't be any worse than mine elle!

  8. love that bag, cute blog!

    new follower :)



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