Face products i use

 I wasn't a huge fan of using any sort of product on my face until last year (terrible i know). So as i'm fairly new to products i only have a few to share with you, but these four all seem to work really nicely with my face and maybe with yours too.
Garnier Anti-blackhead Deep pore wash (found in most stores, i got mine for £2 in Asda)
I pop this on while i'm in the bath most nights, making sure i massage it well onto my spotty parts. It has done wonders for my face, i instantly felt smoother skin and my forehead bumps disappear. The consistency of the item has mini balls in them to help get to the places in my skin normal face washes probably can't get to.  It's such a good product for such a good price too! It sometimes makes my skin a little dry around my nose area but my next product helps with that problem.
Avon Face Cream (bought for £4, i think)
I usually use this after i come out of the bath/shower as sometimes my pore wash makes my face a little dry and tight. I only need to put a tiny layer of this all over my face and neck and it re-hydrates my skin. It feels a lot fresher, cooler and healthier seconds after i've massaged it into my face. Quite a runny substance but that helps to cover my face with less instead of it being thicker and harder to massage in. And yet another cheap item and it'll last forever seeing as it's such a huge tub!
Avon Gentle Moisturiser (unsure of price, boyfriends mum gave it me)
I don't use this product as much as the previous, but it still works wonders. It hydrates my skin so much, definately does what it's supposed to do. This cream is more thicker though so sometimes it can feel a little sticky if i don't rub it in enough. But still a great product for your face.
Olay Aloe Vera Cleansing Milk (unsure of price, old product)
Now i used to use this product all the time, my routine would be to wash my face at night, pop this on my face quite thickly like a mask and wash it off the next morning. It makes my face feel super soft and it's great for people with dry skin. It's been thrown to the back of my draw now though seeing as i have newer products to use but it never failed me!
All  i need now is a full body cream to use! Can anyone recommend me some body creams to try out?


  1. Great Post!

  2. I tend to use body butters that work amazingly on dry skin. I use mainly the righteous body butter from Soap and Glory and The Body Shop do some gorgeous ones too! :)! Xxx

    1. i think this may be my chance to loose my soap and glory virginity!
      i've taken way too long to try their products. xx


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