Worst blogger ever?

I'm so sorry for not posting recently, i have no idea what's come over me. Hope you can all forgive me, i shall return soon with new posts! Now to get down to business..

So GFC is gone? I just checked my Bloglovin' and i have 23 followers?! Thank you all for keeping with me, i will get around to following you all on there, bare with me please cause i have no idea how to use Bloglovin' Help!! You're all fab, hope everyone is well!

So if you want to go and follow me on bloglovin, i'd love you eternally <3
Also if i haven't yet followed you on it, please do let me know in the comments and i'll happily follow.

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(ps. I am a terrible blogger)


Hello lovlies! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it means a lot to me <3.

My name is Vicki and I'm a 19 year old lover of cats and photography! I live in the West Midlands in a town call Walsall. Not a pretty place to photograph but eh what can you do? I love to write which is why i started a blog a few years back, the blogging world is amazing and it's a fab to be involved in such a lovely community. I blog on and off and have done for a while, this blog is purely my hobby and i don't make any money from it. I just love to write and photograph so put them together and BOOM here's my blog! I hope you enjoy having a good read. Do say hello, i love finding new people and blogs x

My website is www.victoriajaneskitt.co.uk 

Photography work

Sorry, i've been busy out and about shooting for college. Some images are random and nothing to do with my Final Major Project for college but i liked them anyways.
 Myself and my friend Alex out and about in our town, just a few random pictures i liked :)
Using my boyfriend for my actual project, which i am trying to show movement in photography. Long exposures is what i've made here, i like them a lot :)