1 Year 6 Months

Warning, post might be a bit soppy. ◕‿◕✿

Today marks the year and a half i've been with my boyfriend. We've had really tough times since we got together (deaths etc). So it's been real hard for me and him, but we kept strong together and now we're happier and stronger than ever. I don't know what i'd do without him, he is my entire world, he's been there for me when i literally had noone, and felt like i had noone. Times when i've felt so low, where my confidence was at rock bottom and i felt horrible. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend and i honestly could never fall in love with anyone else other than him (apart from Channing Tatum but c'mon it's hard not to hehehe). I love him to the moon and back, and here's to the years to come. I love you Joseph Mark Millard, and i always will! 
ps. How beautiful are we in the last photo? ;)



Thought i'd make a little update post, even though not much has happened really.
I did get my nose pierced though, it's still in the process of healing which is really annoying considering it's only an earring in my nose which means it keeps popping out! But i really love it and i just want to keep getting piercings now! Even though i don't really want too much metal on my face hehe.

I started work experience behind the bar at my local pub, which i loved but i got stopped because i wasn't insured to be behind there. So the owners said they'd sort it out so if they had to start paying me they would, but i've had no word for a while now which is quite crap :(. It sucks because it means i lack money...

...Moving onto why i haven't really posted, because i haven't really had the money to buy anything new to show you all, which i hate because i love telling you when i'm out buying new things! :(

But yeah, i'm still at college, coming up to my last few months there now... It's really scaring me to be honest because i have nothing planned after i leave college. I hope something comes together else i'll fall into feeling really shitty again and i don't want that to happen. Woah this has been a negative(ish) post which i didn't want, hopefully things will start looking up!

Hope you are all well and i look forward to catching up with all your blogs again :)

Cheap can sometimes be good

Seeing as i'm constantly on a budget, and have been for a while. I thought i'd show you some items i have purchased really cheap, and they still are amazing products to use! (Well, i think so anyway). As much as i long to have luxuries in my life i know how to not spend all my money on one thing when i can spend it on a few.
Seeing as i have never wore foundation in my life, i chose this one as my first to use and i love it. The foundation was on sale for £2.95 at Wilkinsons and for that price it's amazing! I only mainly use it under my eyes as i'm still getting used to using it, plus if i don't apply it right it dries up my skin which is always a no-go. I also got the Pressed Powder from Wilkinsons for £2 and it sits perfectly over my foundation, makes my skin feel nice and smooth.
I always had seen MUA everywhere on blogspot, but i didn't expect for some of their products to be so cheap. I bought these for £2 each and they are beautiful colours! They look so lovely to wear and they don't chip for ages, which is always a bonus. I love pastel shades of any colour and these two are my favourites. I've got quite a few, nail varnishes get very addictive so i keep buying.
My last item is my eyeliner, i've talked about it before. It was £1.99 from Superdrug (3 for £5) and it does the job greatly. I only ever have it on my top lid and it works so lovely, can never go out the house without it. For its price it does the job perfectly and i can never complain about it.

Has anyone got any great items they've got for a bargain? Do share!