1 Year 6 Months

Warning, post might be a bit soppy. ◕‿◕✿

Today marks the year and a half i've been with my boyfriend. We've had really tough times since we got together (deaths etc). So it's been real hard for me and him, but we kept strong together and now we're happier and stronger than ever. I don't know what i'd do without him, he is my entire world, he's been there for me when i literally had noone, and felt like i had noone. Times when i've felt so low, where my confidence was at rock bottom and i felt horrible. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend and i honestly could never fall in love with anyone else other than him (apart from Channing Tatum but c'mon it's hard not to hehehe). I love him to the moon and back, and here's to the years to come. I love you Joseph Mark Millard, and i always will! 
ps. How beautiful are we in the last photo? ;)


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