daisy love ✿

So i finally joined Polyvore! Why it took me so long i will never know, but i have a feeling this website is going to be so very addicting. I'm already envious of all these different fashions popping up, oh how i wish i had money! I think this will be a good thing to keep updating on, these little posts are great and i love posting about fashion trends i love.

For my first post i thought i'd create a simple look of a range of items i've been wanting for ages now, i love the mix of crop tops and skater skirts and i found this daisy top which is only £5 to buy which is insane! shame my size is sold out. Plus i've longed to invest in some kitty type loafer shoes, i love them!

Have you got Polyvore? Let me know in the comments and leave your link.

Missglamorazzi ~ Ingrid Nilsen

I'm just gonna go ahead and say that this person is such a lovely, positive, inspiring woman. I've been watching her videos for years now, and i'm no beauty guru but i just love watching her videos because of the optimism that just beams from each one i watch. I recently watched this video about how she got herself through times of feeling not very confident at all and when insecurities got the best of her. I felt like i could relate to her so much it was overwhelming. Her ways of becoming so positive really inspired me and make me look at my life and future in a lot happier way. I admire her bravery of opening up to literally over 1 million of her subscribers on YouTube and to me she is so very inspiring. And probably is to many other people. If you haven't checked her videos out, please do.

Getting ready routine!

I've never done one of these before so i thought i'd get stuck in and see how it turns out!
fresh face, my dark circles are terrible! :(
Before i sleep and when i wake up, i give my face a wash and i then apply some moisturizing cream to keep it nice and smooth (in most places, my forehead is hell to keep smooth!) so if i apply any make-up on, my face would feel fresher :). So for the make-up part of my routine, i start with my foundation, i only really apply it to under my eyes as i haven't really experimented with foundation, but today i tried out my full face to see how it went! And i then apply my powder over to give it a nice smooth finish :}.
I don't use any blush/bronzer so i got straight to my eyes and that's it really. I start with whatever eye-shadow i want to wear and most days i either pick faint colours cause i'm not too fond of them standing out, i just like them to look natural or at a pale colour. I keep it just on the lid too, i'm no professional so i just put a faint coat onto my lid. Also i'm useless with eyeliner, but i used liquid eyeliner on my top lid, and i normally attempt to create a line, not too thick but nice enough for it to define my eyes a little more. And i add a little bit of mascara onto my top lashes (if anyone could recommend me a good mascara please do!) That's about it for my face, boring i know but that's all i've ever used so i'm sure i'll experiment more in the future!
I hate my natural hair, not that it's a crazy bush but the way it kinks annoys me so much. I don't straighten every day so it doesn't damage my are that much cause i don't want frazzled ends. I use Auzzie heat spray when i dry my hair to help build up the protection against the horrible heat! (Even though it's a godsend creation to this world, yay for straight hair!). I straighten every part of my hair except my fringe, i haaaaate and i mean hate having a straight fringe, it never goes right and looks really ugly to me. I mess around with my fringe anyway because it tends to dry the way i like it (hoorah). 

All i do after that is add a bit of Batiste dry shampoo to my fringe, sounds silly i know but the XXL Volume helps to volumise my fringe. I'd use it in all of my hair but for some reason it knots my hair really badly so i keep it at a minimum to avoid that. But yeah, a really simple look but that's all i really go for, and i'm happy with that! And voila, i'm done :3.


Now for those who don't know, you're probably wondering what even is this Glipho?! Well i've only recently just discovered it but it's basically a wonderful site which helps you get your blog out there in the internet world of blogging! They help to give you and your blog an audience, it's great to find new readers and find other blogs you enjoy yourself.
Why use Glipho you say? I think we've all be there, or still are (i know i am). Where you're at a place with your blog where you just feel like your blog isn't doing as well as you want it to and it's frustrating to see other blogs doing so well and you're still at the starting line of the whole blogging experience. Glipho can help put your content out there for people to see and enjoy. 
  You can browse into different categories which is my personal favourite as i feel like on blogger you can't really do something like this, but on here they're already there for you to click on and have a good look!
Another favorite of mine is the importing features where you can find your instagram images, flickr images or even post YouTube videos with the click of a button! It makes the whole blogging experience that tiny bit more fun.

You can sign up by connecting your blog (and even your tumblr if you wish to do so). Get posting! I really like this website already and i feel like you will too :).
Click here to sign up! 

Pretty Pinafores!

So it looks like the latest fashion is the Pinafore styled Dress. I am in love with this. It's almost like half dungarees half dress, which to me is a perfect idea to create. I love that older styles is coming back into fashion, but more of a modern updated look. They're so stylish and cute, you can just pop any shirt underneath these dresses and it goes perfectly! I am a huge lover of denim, despite owning not one denim piece at all (i'm broke right now). So adding a denim look to this fashion garment just makes me fall deeper in love with these dresses! I'm looking into finding them at a cheaper price because i am a proud bargain hunter and sometimes the cheaper deal can be just as good as the rest!
 £26.99 ~ http://www.ark.co.uk/                                                        £25.00 ~ http://www.boohoo.com/

Do you like this style of dress? Let me know! :}

I am in love

With this dress! Oh my glob (adventure time reference) i love it so much. The shape of it, the way it swoops down at the back, the pattern, how it makes my boobs look bigger! Ahhh i have fallen in love with dresses and i never thought i'd say that. Primark did good, i hardly see dresses i like in there but i could not resist buying this one. It was only £13 too! The colours on it fit summer perfectly, not that i am expecting a summer anytime soon.. It is England after all. I will never not love Skater Dresses, they're the perfect fit for my figure and it makes me feel good! I am in love. Ok. Bye.
(oh my i just realized my feet are on full show, i do apologize to anyone who cannot stand the sight of them! oops.)

Healthy Mind = Healthy Life

So today i woke up and thought to myself, Vicki... It is coming up to half of the year passing by and you still haven't even tried to complete one/two of your resolutions! So i created my own guide to help inspire me to get healthier for the summer, so let's get started!

1. Water!
Water is refreshing, cold, free! It's a great way to start being more healthier, cutting down on fizzy drinks with ridiculous amounts of sugar in and drinking water instead can make your body feel 10x better. Plus it can make your skin at lot more healthy looking too, it could get rid of unwanted rough areas or unwanted spots. You can't get any more fresher than a nice bottle of water. Ways to motivate yourself to drink it more is to always have one with you, wherever you go. Keep them cold in your fridge ready to put in your bag.

2. Exercise
Now i'm not going to tell you to go and do 100 push ups and run a marathon, but having a jog or run on a running machine every now and then can help build back your stamina. I used to run a lot when i was younger but i did get very lazy. So jogging can help make you fit again, plus you burn calories too!

3. Cutting down on unhealthy foods
Again, i'm not saying DO NOT EVER TOUCH A CHOCOLATE BAR AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE. Because we all love to indulge every once in a while (or always), but doing as little as replacing sweets with fruit/yogurts/juices can help your body feel a lot better. Even keeping track with your calories can get you into a routine of eating healthier. I tend to look at how much fat/sugar/calories are in each product i buy, and it opens my eyes to how large calories are in just one item!

4. Sleep routine
Now i still haven't got the hang of this, but i am determined to stop going to bed so late. Plus i'm super lazy so i tend to skip my alarm and wake up at a later time. But if you have a routine of sleeping earlier your brain can relax of a night so it's more ready for the next day! I always wake up feeling super icky, and that's because i overwork my brain at night by staying up too late, and ending up sleeping too much. I can totally feel a difference when i wake up earlier and i feel more awake and ready.

5. Give your brain a rest!
Do you sometimes concentrate on something so much your head stars doing flips and aches? Sometimes it is okay to just stop doing what you're stressing over, and just breathe and relax. Maybe go for a walk or simply just go outside to take in that fresh oxygen. It can make you feel better in an instant, and helps your brain to get back into gear and concentrate!

I feel like there is so much more for me to say about this matter, if i do i'll add at a later date.
This guide is written to myself, to help motivate myself. So if you disagree with things i may have said, then that's fine! We all have our own opinions etc.
I apologize for being such a terrible procrastinator, but i have near enough finished college (gulp) so my free time has expanded for me to be on here more!