Healthy Mind = Healthy Life

So today i woke up and thought to myself, Vicki... It is coming up to half of the year passing by and you still haven't even tried to complete one/two of your resolutions! So i created my own guide to help inspire me to get healthier for the summer, so let's get started!

1. Water!
Water is refreshing, cold, free! It's a great way to start being more healthier, cutting down on fizzy drinks with ridiculous amounts of sugar in and drinking water instead can make your body feel 10x better. Plus it can make your skin at lot more healthy looking too, it could get rid of unwanted rough areas or unwanted spots. You can't get any more fresher than a nice bottle of water. Ways to motivate yourself to drink it more is to always have one with you, wherever you go. Keep them cold in your fridge ready to put in your bag.

2. Exercise
Now i'm not going to tell you to go and do 100 push ups and run a marathon, but having a jog or run on a running machine every now and then can help build back your stamina. I used to run a lot when i was younger but i did get very lazy. So jogging can help make you fit again, plus you burn calories too!

3. Cutting down on unhealthy foods
Again, i'm not saying DO NOT EVER TOUCH A CHOCOLATE BAR AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE. Because we all love to indulge every once in a while (or always), but doing as little as replacing sweets with fruit/yogurts/juices can help your body feel a lot better. Even keeping track with your calories can get you into a routine of eating healthier. I tend to look at how much fat/sugar/calories are in each product i buy, and it opens my eyes to how large calories are in just one item!

4. Sleep routine
Now i still haven't got the hang of this, but i am determined to stop going to bed so late. Plus i'm super lazy so i tend to skip my alarm and wake up at a later time. But if you have a routine of sleeping earlier your brain can relax of a night so it's more ready for the next day! I always wake up feeling super icky, and that's because i overwork my brain at night by staying up too late, and ending up sleeping too much. I can totally feel a difference when i wake up earlier and i feel more awake and ready.

5. Give your brain a rest!
Do you sometimes concentrate on something so much your head stars doing flips and aches? Sometimes it is okay to just stop doing what you're stressing over, and just breathe and relax. Maybe go for a walk or simply just go outside to take in that fresh oxygen. It can make you feel better in an instant, and helps your brain to get back into gear and concentrate!

I feel like there is so much more for me to say about this matter, if i do i'll add at a later date.
This guide is written to myself, to help motivate myself. So if you disagree with things i may have said, then that's fine! We all have our own opinions etc.
I apologize for being such a terrible procrastinator, but i have near enough finished college (gulp) so my free time has expanded for me to be on here more!


  1. Haha I've just started (well about three weeks ago) working on a healthier lifestyle! I've written a few blogposts about it but basically only the first days are very hard. After this week it'll go easier to eat clean and to continue your new routine! :D Good luck!

    Great post!


    1. Thank you! :} and good luck to you!

  2. I'm definitely going to refer to this as my go-to health tips whenever I'm feeling... blergh(?) I'm also following :D
    -Hollie x

    1. Aw thank you! Glad i could help somehow.


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