I am in love

With this dress! Oh my glob (adventure time reference) i love it so much. The shape of it, the way it swoops down at the back, the pattern, how it makes my boobs look bigger! Ahhh i have fallen in love with dresses and i never thought i'd say that. Primark did good, i hardly see dresses i like in there but i could not resist buying this one. It was only £13 too! The colours on it fit summer perfectly, not that i am expecting a summer anytime soon.. It is England after all. I will never not love Skater Dresses, they're the perfect fit for my figure and it makes me feel good! I am in love. Ok. Bye.
(oh my i just realized my feet are on full show, i do apologize to anyone who cannot stand the sight of them! oops.)


  1. So pretty! Love the pattern and the fact that it's pastel :)

  2. Wow I love this dress! I'll be keeping my eyes open for it lol :)

    -Megan x


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