Garnier Moisture Match samples

I saw from another blog that Garnier was giving out freebies for their new range of skin creams! I'm currently on the look out for a new face cream to fit my skins needs, so i thought what's the harm of trying out some free testers from a well trusted brand? On their website, they had a little survey about your own skin to determine which cream would benefit me the most. Mine turned out to be the Goodbye Dry cream, but unfortunately that sample had already sold out before i had the chance to sample it, so they kindly sent out three other samples for me to try :).

Normal To Dry skin sample - Covered face well, wasn't too thick, made my skin soft but left my forehead a little dry as that part is more dryer than other parts on my face

Normal skin sample -  Love the smell, covered well and it made me feel a lot fresher and less dry considering it wasn't a cream for dry skin.

For Dull Skin sample - Well fragranced, i'm not too fond of items for skin that are fragrenced a lot, refreshed my face up a lot, made me feel fresh, still showed my dryness a little, but for it's purpose it did well

The little packets don't look like much at all but i did find myself having more than enough to use, which is great. This is definitely a great way to determine what kind of skin cream you'd need to for your type of skin. Bit gutted that i couldn't try the dry type of face cream, but this has helped me to try it out as the normal to dry worked well but not enough, so Goodbye Dry feels like the right skin cream for me.

Have you tried any of the samples, what did you think of them?


  1. ooh these look nice! i would want to try the start afresh, but i was just wondering how strong the fragrances are because they tend to irritate my skin. thanks :)

    xx purplepirate

  2. They look pretty cool, I've got dull skin sometimes but I can't say I'd try that one on me... fragrances can be a pain for me. Allergy pain. T__T

  3. I picked up a load of these, they're really good for dry skin and smell so nice!:) followed your blog! would be so great if you could check out mine?


    1. I think i'm gonna get one, the dry one looks promising!
      thank you x

  4. I've been wanting to try the one for dry skin - didn't realise they were giving away samples!
    Also, do you fancy doing a button swap? :) xx

    1. oh wow sorry it's took me so long to reply, of course i would love to do a swap! i'll give you a quick message incase you don't see this comment


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