Growing up

Possibly the scariest title i've made so far on this blog? I think so.
Growing up is a weird term, cause i don't think i'll be growing up any time soon. I'm not immature at all, i am quite mature for my age but i'm still a fun and loving person to be around with (not trying to be big headed hah). After years and years in education i'm actually coming up to my final month, how scary? :( It's made me think over these past few months how after this, i feel like this is the time my life will actually begin. But leaving education behind to start your life seems like a massive step to me, and it feels like i will grow up even just a tiny bit when i do. I'm not ashamed to say i haven't got a dream job where i earn tons of money each year, i haven't got a life plan written right in front of me, i'm not off to study in university to become the person I've always wanted to be. My dream in life is to travel the world, to see countries I've never seen before. But that's far away from now, but i'm still determined to make it happen. I'll happily go through life having many jobs, some i don't like, some i will, at the end of the day i'll still be learning every day. I'll be finding out more about myself that i didn't know before. As long as i'm happy, and the people around me are, content with life will not be the word :).

I just hope when i go through my life, people are proud of me. I hope i can be proud of myself for what I've achieved. I hope there's plenty of things i can say I've done, and I've had no regrets doing so.

Wow, serious post? It happens sometimes, i love this blog cause i know i can just let anything out, whether it be about my photography, clothes or just a nice chit chat with the rest of the world. Even if noone reads, it's still good to be able to get my feelings out and feel good afterwards.

I hope you're all having a great day.


  1. I know how you feel! i'm turning twenty at the end of this summer.. Its definitely weird.

    1. I don't know how i'm gonna feel when i leave my teens eeeek


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