Instagram Update!

Holy shit i've been gone a while, i'm sorry i just really haven't been motivated for much lately and it's really drained me... Having finished education, going through the 'what the fuck do i do with my life' phase and i'm getting through it. Just hoping to get a job soon, please! I thought i'd do an update of my Instagram cause i'm literally on the app every day.
- Summery vibes! It's been so lovely recently, sometimes too lovely and too sweaty though... I'll never complain, else it'll start raining!
- My cute as fook new phone case :3
- I'm literally obsessed with these, i swear when i have a steady wage i'll be buying these nonstop...
- Little outfit of the day, this was before i went to try on my bridesmaid dress, ee!
- First time i've been drunk this year, wooo me and my lovely boyfriend.
- Another cheeky outfit selfie, i love this dress so much and that was the first time i actually wore it out due to amazing weather.

Hope you are all doing well, can't wait to catch up on everyones lovely blogs. Thank you for sticking with me, you beautiful people.