MUA £1 Nail Polishes

I've always been a fan of MUA's nail polishes, most colours i've had from there have been so lovely and covered my nails so well without too many coats. So i thought i'd get a bit more creative with the bottles i've bought from Superdrug and have yet to use! I created this little design with two colours from MUA's brand, 'Bold Blue' and 'All Nude'.
 I started by covering the nails with the lovely light blue colour, of course to represent a blue sky on a summers day.
I've tried using All Nude before on it's own but i really didn't like it. I wanted my nails to have a nice white finish to them but it hardly shows on my nails. So i thought to create little clouds to create the sky pattern on the blue nail background already, so i knew it would show up much more easier.

I only used a cotton bud to dab on the white clouds and if anything the cotton helps to make them look fluffier! I'm definitely going to start using my nail wheels to create little patterns to help make my nails look a lot more creative :).

I really like how they turned out! It's a shame my left handed skills are terrible when it comes to painting my nails so i'd have to get a lot of practice in before i started painting my own nails like this...

☼ a walk in the park ☼

Some days you just feel like doing nothing and just give yourself some real 'me time', me and my mum were feeling a bit down so we decided to walk down to the Arbouretum near our local town. After getting lost we finally got there and had a stroll around the lake and had a mini picnic and just enjoyed the quieter side of the park, as there was literally hundreds of kids in the playground nearby. The scenery is beautiful, and it just makes me want to travel to further places to see much more beautiful sights. I must say i do feel a lot better now we decided to have a day in the lovely park, but i'm so tired now, been walking for hours! 

What do you do when you just need a relax and have a bit of me time?

✌ tokyo trip outfit ✌

✌ tokyo trip ✌

My dream is to one day visit the wonderland that is Tokyo. I am in love with their kawaii and cute fashions i am always seeing online. I'm not ballsy enough to wear cute things just yet, but i'd feel right at home if i was over in Tokyo, i'd blend in! I made this little outfit on polyvore and i love it. A cute sailor fitted dress in a japanese kawaii style, some flatforms because lets face is how cute are they? And a nice satchel bag and some sunglasses.

Do you like any fashions for any particular country/culture? Let me know!

Nail challenge?

I've saw a few of you guys do challenges where you have to try each of your nail polishes and write about it, i know for a fact i haven't even tried all the ones i currently have so i thought this would be a good opportunity to do so! I started with this lush green polish i got in the pack of 4 from Primark, they made such good choices in this pack as i love this colour so much on my nails, the pictures doesn't do it justice though. Still hate they never gave each colour a name, but i also added the glitter i used before over each nail to give it the finishing effect, i love it!
Also, big tip, don't try and paint them half an hour before you go out... Like the idiot i am, i did so and i had great difficulty getting my converse on and ended up ruining two nails. Idiot or what?!
Can't wait to get stuck into this challenge, it'll help remind me to start wearing nail polish again, as i always forget.

How i store my products

I was getting fed up of the clutter that sat upon my chest of drawers, so i decided to buy some cute storage boxes to help make everything look more neater and more organised! My storage boxes are seperated into bottles (things such as deoderant, creams, perfumes, shampoos, hair products), another box for my make up, make up wipes and pads and brushes. Also at the side a little box full of my growing nail polish collection.
Polka dot black storage box from B&Ms, £3 each (i think)
Black with white floral patterned bag from Superdrug
Even my boyfriends products manage to sneak into my storage!
Fold up plastic containers, 3 pack for £2 from home bargains.

I'd rather be practical than go for the pretty, more expensive looking storage cases. They look pretty cute to me and at a great price why wouldn't i buy them? My life is now clutter free, that definitely eases my mind (i hate mess eek).

A sad goodbye to a best friend

It's been a real sad week for me, it's hard to write when you constantly feel like breaking down and not wanting to do anything. I found out this old picture of me and my aunties rottweiler, i was 9 there and she was only a pup. I've grown up loving and adoring this pup with every inch of my heart. Sadly on monday she was taken to the vets to be put down, her back legs had just completely given up on her and she couldn't eat or go to the toilet, it was so hard seeing her in pain. She still looked so happy and content with her life the moment i left her, like she has been for the past 9 years. She was literally my best friend, she made my life a happier one and i'll never forget this pup. I still can't believe she's gone and out of my life, i'll still have the memory of her until the day i die. I know i'm blabbing but it's got to come out somewhere, right?
 Rest in peace my little rizzy, i love you so much and i always will.

Mini Avon Sale

I'm lucky enough to live right by my avon saleswoman, so me and my mum popped up and looked at what goodies were on offer. I only got 4 items but for £1 each i was pretty chuffed with what i got.
I hadn't been too fond of Avons nail varnishes, as they either need 5 coats to give a good look of colour, or the choice i've chose in the past have all just looked horrible in colour... But seeing as this lovely golden colour was there, we tried it on my mum nail and it looked lovely even after one coat. And for a pound you can't go wrong there, considering they're £4 normal price.
Now my hair is murder when i come out of the shower, i feel like my hair is ripping out every time i try to get the tangles out of my hair. It's hell :{. So i picked this up, i'll have to give it a go and see how it treats my hair! I had my haircut recently, and she literally chopped off loads because of my dry, dead ends so i hope this helps to keep my ends healthy for longer. Plus it smells lush.
My favourite perfume was there, normally at £6 down to £5 i would have bought the bottle but i spotted these little gems so i grabbed two of them. I was running out so i thought i'd stock up, it's great too cause i can take them anywhere with me. If you like smelling sweet, then something like this will be perfect. Bargain if you ask me.

I'm sorry! I can't help but be a bargain hunter, even when i find myself a job i know i'll stick to my old ways and still look for a cheaper find. I can't help it :).

Favourite iPhone apps

Seeing as i love all things technology, why not a post on apps that soak up most of my time most days? Being unemployed can lead to boredom so very quickly and horribly, so here are a few apps that keep me occupied on days i feel like i'm losing the will to live.

Instagram - Well who would have guessed this would be in my list? I am literally addicted to this app, it's sad how many times i check Instagram daily (very very very sad). I think it's a fab way to share pictures with friends and find people with the same interests (hashtagging), although i cannot stand seeing people with #like4like every two seconds on the tagging section of the app! 

Youtube - This already being on the iPhone when i had it, i've loved youtube for years now. I watch a lot of youtubers/vloggers on there so its a great feature to be able to watch them in bed on my phone instead of having to turn my laptop on and use that.

Mercury - Amazing browser, so much faster and better than safari. Love the smart layout of everything and i use it frequently.

Moving onto games i am truly addicted to...
Candy Crush - At one point in your life (maybe), you will see this game and you will play it. Its terrible how addicting and frustrating this game is, but it is fun and very satisfying at the same time. I also love the faceook feature so you can help each other, as i have many facebook friends who also play it.

The Sims Free Play - Now this app is fairly new to me still but for any fans of the Sims like myself it is a must have for your phone! The best thing about this game is that it actually uses real time, so you aren't playing the whole game for hours at a time, you can play it for a few minutes and come back a few hours later to see if they need a shower or are hungry!

Bejeweled Blitz - Another game i've been addicted for years, i don't know what it is about matching 3 or more gems together for a minute that attracts me but it sure is addictive. I think it's the competitive side to myself that wants to beat all my friends and family that also play...

Temple Run 2 - I love collecting coins and running away from monsters, simple as. Not too fond on the train track bit though.

Squaready - Connected to instagram, i use this app to help give my portrait and landscape images its full potential. The app shrinks the image so you can see the full image, and i love that because for example say i'm taking an ootd picture, i want my whole body in the image, i don't want my feet chopped off the image!

Please say i'm not the only one who is the type of person to be glued to their iPhones/Smartphones most days?! Or am i the sad person with no friends who has their phone for company..?
Let me know what your favourite apps are and recommend me some maybe?!

Thanks for sticking with me, i know i haven't been active but i'm working on that.