Favourite iPhone apps

Seeing as i love all things technology, why not a post on apps that soak up most of my time most days? Being unemployed can lead to boredom so very quickly and horribly, so here are a few apps that keep me occupied on days i feel like i'm losing the will to live.

Instagram - Well who would have guessed this would be in my list? I am literally addicted to this app, it's sad how many times i check Instagram daily (very very very sad). I think it's a fab way to share pictures with friends and find people with the same interests (hashtagging), although i cannot stand seeing people with #like4like every two seconds on the tagging section of the app! 

Youtube - This already being on the iPhone when i had it, i've loved youtube for years now. I watch a lot of youtubers/vloggers on there so its a great feature to be able to watch them in bed on my phone instead of having to turn my laptop on and use that.

Mercury - Amazing browser, so much faster and better than safari. Love the smart layout of everything and i use it frequently.

Moving onto games i am truly addicted to...
Candy Crush - At one point in your life (maybe), you will see this game and you will play it. Its terrible how addicting and frustrating this game is, but it is fun and very satisfying at the same time. I also love the faceook feature so you can help each other, as i have many facebook friends who also play it.

The Sims Free Play - Now this app is fairly new to me still but for any fans of the Sims like myself it is a must have for your phone! The best thing about this game is that it actually uses real time, so you aren't playing the whole game for hours at a time, you can play it for a few minutes and come back a few hours later to see if they need a shower or are hungry!

Bejeweled Blitz - Another game i've been addicted for years, i don't know what it is about matching 3 or more gems together for a minute that attracts me but it sure is addictive. I think it's the competitive side to myself that wants to beat all my friends and family that also play...

Temple Run 2 - I love collecting coins and running away from monsters, simple as. Not too fond on the train track bit though.

Squaready - Connected to instagram, i use this app to help give my portrait and landscape images its full potential. The app shrinks the image so you can see the full image, and i love that because for example say i'm taking an ootd picture, i want my whole body in the image, i don't want my feet chopped off the image!

Please say i'm not the only one who is the type of person to be glued to their iPhones/Smartphones most days?! Or am i the sad person with no friends who has their phone for company..?
Let me know what your favourite apps are and recommend me some maybe?!

Thanks for sticking with me, i know i haven't been active but i'm working on that.


  1. you have a great blog!:-)


  2. I also like to watch youtube video on my phone or on the ipad. You can stay comfortably in bed while watching.

    1. exactly! saves having my laptop overheating on my lap


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