How i store my products

I was getting fed up of the clutter that sat upon my chest of drawers, so i decided to buy some cute storage boxes to help make everything look more neater and more organised! My storage boxes are seperated into bottles (things such as deoderant, creams, perfumes, shampoos, hair products), another box for my make up, make up wipes and pads and brushes. Also at the side a little box full of my growing nail polish collection.
Polka dot black storage box from B&Ms, £3 each (i think)
Black with white floral patterned bag from Superdrug
Even my boyfriends products manage to sneak into my storage!
Fold up plastic containers, 3 pack for £2 from home bargains.

I'd rather be practical than go for the pretty, more expensive looking storage cases. They look pretty cute to me and at a great price why wouldn't i buy them? My life is now clutter free, that definitely eases my mind (i hate mess eek).


  1. These look so cute, such a bargain too at £3 each!

    Natalie xx

    1. I'm always on the lookout for bargains, i'm happy with what i found!

  2. I hate mess too ! Everything needs to be organized !
    The boxes are so cute !

    1. When i have my own place to live i'm gonna be so storage friendly, yay to no mess! x


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