Mini Avon Sale

I'm lucky enough to live right by my avon saleswoman, so me and my mum popped up and looked at what goodies were on offer. I only got 4 items but for £1 each i was pretty chuffed with what i got.
I hadn't been too fond of Avons nail varnishes, as they either need 5 coats to give a good look of colour, or the choice i've chose in the past have all just looked horrible in colour... But seeing as this lovely golden colour was there, we tried it on my mum nail and it looked lovely even after one coat. And for a pound you can't go wrong there, considering they're £4 normal price.
Now my hair is murder when i come out of the shower, i feel like my hair is ripping out every time i try to get the tangles out of my hair. It's hell :{. So i picked this up, i'll have to give it a go and see how it treats my hair! I had my haircut recently, and she literally chopped off loads because of my dry, dead ends so i hope this helps to keep my ends healthy for longer. Plus it smells lush.
My favourite perfume was there, normally at £6 down to £5 i would have bought the bottle but i spotted these little gems so i grabbed two of them. I was running out so i thought i'd stock up, it's great too cause i can take them anywhere with me. If you like smelling sweet, then something like this will be perfect. Bargain if you ask me.

I'm sorry! I can't help but be a bargain hunter, even when i find myself a job i know i'll stick to my old ways and still look for a cheaper find. I can't help it :).

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