Nail challenge?

I've saw a few of you guys do challenges where you have to try each of your nail polishes and write about it, i know for a fact i haven't even tried all the ones i currently have so i thought this would be a good opportunity to do so! I started with this lush green polish i got in the pack of 4 from Primark, they made such good choices in this pack as i love this colour so much on my nails, the pictures doesn't do it justice though. Still hate they never gave each colour a name, but i also added the glitter i used before over each nail to give it the finishing effect, i love it!
Also, big tip, don't try and paint them half an hour before you go out... Like the idiot i am, i did so and i had great difficulty getting my converse on and ended up ruining two nails. Idiot or what?!
Can't wait to get stuck into this challenge, it'll help remind me to start wearing nail polish again, as i always forget.


  1. Such a nice colour! nice post
    Meg xx

  2. Your nail polish is so cute :) Btw, I love your blog definitely gonna follow you

    1. I wish i'd have taken a better photo of the colour aha! Thanks so much x


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