☼ a walk in the park ☼

Some days you just feel like doing nothing and just give yourself some real 'me time', me and my mum were feeling a bit down so we decided to walk down to the Arbouretum near our local town. After getting lost we finally got there and had a stroll around the lake and had a mini picnic and just enjoyed the quieter side of the park, as there was literally hundreds of kids in the playground nearby. The scenery is beautiful, and it just makes me want to travel to further places to see much more beautiful sights. I must say i do feel a lot better now we decided to have a day in the lovely park, but i'm so tired now, been walking for hours! 

What do you do when you just need a relax and have a bit of me time?


  1. Very pretty photos (:

  2. beautiful pictures dear <3 and some me time is so important novadays.

  3. Looks gorgeous there!
    Simona Lake&Moon

  4. Beautiful photos.
    Lovely park!


  5. amazing photos! I've nominated you for a liebster award :) http://mollyentwistlex.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/liebster-award.html

  6. Beautiful pics! :)



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