MUA's Pistachio Ice Cream and Frozen Yoghurt

Can you tell i like MUA's range of £1 nail polishes? I didn't think it came across at all... 
But yeah, being the bargain hunter i am i made sure i collected a fair few of these colours, their quality is great and the shades they make is amazing! These two colours are by far my favourite of the brands range. These two were actually the first bottles i got from Superdrug ages ago, as you can tell by the bottle design, i liked this design as it looked their own and it didn't look like they were slightly copying off essie. But i still love the new bottles, either way they're still cute little nail polishes to own! 

 Literally only need two coats at the most to give off it's full colour and i love both of these colours so much, if anything it makes me want to find ice creams the same colour and just eat it! (am i weird? yes, yes i am).

Have you tried any of these, what did you think of them? Let me know!


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