Nail Polishes for Halloween

Now for me as a kid I've never really celebrated Halloween properly as my area isn't really the place to go around trick or treating, without that sounding like i live in a murderers street, i just really have disliked where i live for many years now. But now I'm old enough to go out and enjoy Halloween other ways, maybe with alcohol involved (maybe) i feel ready to get right into the Halloween spirit! I went onto Superdrugs website and picked out my favourite colours for the Halloween month of october, mainly because i know the polishes in there won't break my bank, maybe if i buy too many then it will...
Now i know the range of colours is kinda crazy, but isn't that what you do for Halloween?! I knew i had a pick out a perfect pumpkin orange and a gooey spooky green as to me that represents Halloween. I also added in a blood red colour from Make Up Academy, dark metallic purple from Essie and a dark as a night sky black from Revlon to round up my choices for halloween. I'm definately going to try a few designs on my wheels to see what i can create with those colours!

Are you doing anything for halloween? Invite me to your parties please!
 I love dressing up and i will never miss a chance at looking mental and getting away with it, let me know in the comments!


Halloween Nail Designs

I'm always so jealous of how talented i see some people are with painting their nails. I'm constantly seeing photographs being reblogged on Tumblr showing crazy nail art, how do they do it?! It literally makes it looks so easy to do and trust me it isn't (unless I'm the super newbie with no talent whatsoever!) Well i tried out a few Halloween nail designs and due to my lack of nail equipment half of them turned out horrible. But i did manage to do a few, so I'm not all that useless! Of course not doing it on my own nails then it would look awful, thank the lord for nail wheels.

I made these cute little ghosts, so much for making them look scary and spooky but i tried eh? So i made up for it by trying to make some bloody splatters and drippings and i'm actually happy that managed to come out well, better than i'd thought. I have no hope for myself do I? Haha. I actually need a better white coloured nail polish because i used MUAs All Nude and it isn't pigmented enough for me as i literally had to thickly draw the little ghosts on top of the black cover. I want to try and paint my own now and see how that happens, wish me luck!

Autumn Must Haves from H&M

I am so very excited for autumn, not just for the warm clothing but i love the transition of seasons. The way the trees fill with colours of orange and browns before the leaves fall off for the winter. Definitely my favourite season, the hot chocolate and warm fuzzy socks start to come out ready preparing for the winter. I decided to look on H&Ms website to see what items they've started putting online for the new season arriving fast and quickly. I found a few items i felt would look lovely together, and personally something I'd wear myself, so maybe you think this looks wrong together, we all have our preferences right?

For my little outfit, I picked out a basic skater dress with a gorgeous little pattern on it, sticking to a darker navy colour to help blend with the other colours. I still love wearing dresses despite the cold weather as they're still warming and you can find other ways to keep yourself warm in Englands hideously cold weather. To accompany the dress I added a cute checkered red material scarf as I prefer material so much more to wool. I actually fell in love with these boots when I saw them browsing online, they look tough enough to fight through any weather plus the buckle is super cute. I added some knee high woolly socks to help keep your legs warm while they're all on show with the dress. To end it i opted for the Parka, loved by some hated by many but my own parka literally goes with anything! Plus they're so warm so it's a win/win situation!

If anything this post had made me want to buy the majority of the store, payday couldn't come any slower...

What are your favourite items to include in your autumn outfits this year? Do let me know in the comments :)

♡ Primark Haul

There's nothing better than retail therapy, am i right? Felt so good to just shop and not care how much i'd spent, obviously not going into Top Shop because then i would be skint in seconds... But i settled for Primark cause i knew i could buy some decent pieces, i don't know why people say their clothes fall apart so easily, because mine always last and they're so comfy why wouldn't i shop in there? I got a couple of items i thought i'd show you guys as i've seen recently you've all dived into the autumn looks from there.

I am literally in love with that rose skater skirt i'd have been silly not to pick it up, i'm a sucker for skater style and i'll always love it! I also spent a load on necklaces and cute little midi rings and normal rings, i literally couldn't be stopped if anyone tried to stop me. Definitely felt a lot better, lets just hope i don't splurge every time i go shopping.

AVON Nailwear pro+ 'golden vision'

 My nail polish choice for this week is AVONs glitsy golden colour i recently mentioned, a steal at £1 at an Avon sale. I was really skeptical about this colour as i'm not really fond of gold as a colour, i don't like gold jewelry and i thought i wouldn't enjoy it on my nails either. But after practicing using the colour on my wheel, i really loved it, it looks amazing after two coats. Even with one coat it covered my nail really nicely so it'll be impossible to finish this bottle! Also if anything it makes me want to go out and buy something gold to match my nails :3. It's a gorgeous colour to start mixing those shades of gold brown and reds for the autumn, and even for christmas colours too (it's coming up way too fast for my liking). 
I'm enjoying this challenge so far, if anything it's encouraging my lazy butt to paint my nails more frequently.

Weekend in Barmouth

Thought i'd upload a few photographs from my weekend away in Wales with my mum. The weather was lovely on friday and saturday, poured it down on sunday but i couldn't complain. I love being able to get away from my hometown every now and then and it was a huge breath of fresh air being in Wales, i love it there. Here's a few pics anyways, hope you enjoy.