Nail Polishes for Halloween

Now for me as a kid I've never really celebrated Halloween properly as my area isn't really the place to go around trick or treating, without that sounding like i live in a murderers street, i just really have disliked where i live for many years now. But now I'm old enough to go out and enjoy Halloween other ways, maybe with alcohol involved (maybe) i feel ready to get right into the Halloween spirit! I went onto Superdrugs website and picked out my favourite colours for the Halloween month of october, mainly because i know the polishes in there won't break my bank, maybe if i buy too many then it will...
Now i know the range of colours is kinda crazy, but isn't that what you do for Halloween?! I knew i had a pick out a perfect pumpkin orange and a gooey spooky green as to me that represents Halloween. I also added in a blood red colour from Make Up Academy, dark metallic purple from Essie and a dark as a night sky black from Revlon to round up my choices for halloween. I'm definately going to try a few designs on my wheels to see what i can create with those colours!

Are you doing anything for halloween? Invite me to your parties please!
 I love dressing up and i will never miss a chance at looking mental and getting away with it, let me know in the comments!



  1. aahh they're fab colours! you can come to my bonfire/Halloween party on Saturday if you wish hehe :') xx

  2. I love black nail polish..I think it looks really stunning and eye catching! Great picks! xx

    1. Me too, always have loved black, such a goth...x

  3. I love the green and orange! So bright and quirky. If only I could stop biting my nails! Aww if I wasn't having a party I would definitely send you an invite, sadly i'm away for Halloween so I'll be spending it in York with the family!

  4. Such pretty shades love the plum x

  5. Love the orange shade! I love dressing up too but I'm not doing anything this year unfortunately:(

    Stacey xx


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