My favourite items of leisure right now

Now this is a completely different post for me, as i normally just ramble about things i've bought and pictures i've taken, i thought i'd mix my blog up a bit and put more variety into it. As i'm unemployed at the moment, i have a lot of spare time, and it gets very boring very quickly. Other than cleaning the house and cooking my dinners in the day, i haven't got much else to do (someone hire me please!!) So i made a little post about items that have saved my boredom quite a lot recently. This probably wont be a monthly thing unless i actually buy things monthly to keep my boredom levels from rising, but anyhow lets get started! 

I have never been a book person, my attention span is awful and i tend to forget what's happened in any book that i start to read. Is anybody else like that? But I'm trying my hardest to start reading, as it's soo relaxing and i love reading descriptive books. I've had two of The Beautiful Dead books since I was in year 10 at school, which is over 4 years now, oops.. I've read the first book and i loved it so much, so I finally started the next one and hopefully won't leave it for another 4 years... I'm trying to find where they sell the series and every shop I've been into don't have them any more :(. 
I'm a huge Vampire Diaries fan and I'm currently watching the new series on itv2, which is amazing by the way. So i thought I'd start on the books (there are so many oh dear) and it's so descriptive! I'm 5 chapters in and it's probably only described the first 10 minutes of the very first episode. I forgot how descriptive books are. 

I've also recently got into the Harry Potter films (10 years late eh?). I watched the first two films when they actually came out, I still have them on video, yeah video... I never stuck to them and I regret it so much, I watched the Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire and they're such amazing films, I cried like a baby at Goblet of Fire, Cedric noo! :(. So i'm really excited to dive into the world of Hogwarts, it's so interesting and I'm just sad i never watched them sooner.

I've had my original Nintendo DS since they came out, which is around 9 years ago now, and mine still works perfectly so i never had a reason to buy a new one. I've recently started playing Animal Crossing a lot, it's such a relaxing game and it gets so addicting. Plus it's actually made me want to buy a new 3DS so I can buy the new Animal Crossing game, which I'll hopefully get for Christmas. I'm still a child inside but there's nothing wrong with that is there?

My ultimate saviour for any boring day is my music, I cannot live without it. Music is a real passion for me, and i can't go a day without listening to some sort of music, whether I'm out and using my iPod, listening to the radio or even watching music videos on the television. I have no fixed genre i listen to, my music taste ranges from alternative music to pop, to rap, hip hop, anything really. I like to keep an open mind with music, i can't stand people who only stick to one genre, like how can you do that!?

I hope this post wasn't too boring and i didn't ramble on too much. As I love writing, writing posts like these makes me so happy and it keeps my brain occupied. I literally never have to think of what to write as it all just rolls of my brain so perfectly and it's something that I'll always enjoy, I'd never want to write if I felt forced and wasn't enjoying myself.

So my question is, what do you do to keep yourself occupied when you have time off? Lew me know in the comments below :3



    1. I know I hate myself for taking so long to watch them!
      Those two are my next ones! EE x

  2. I haven't read anything in a while...I need to get on that haha. ;P

  3. Have you read the harry potter books as well? OMG I used to be soo addicted to animal crossing when I was small. eep classic ipods <3 I miss those my friend still has her ancient ipod nano and it's so adorable :P

    1. My boyfriend has gave me them to read, i love them so much!


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