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 I've never actually done one of these posts before so i thought I'd make one seeing as I've been doing a lot of retail therapy recently...

Make-up bag twin set - £7 from Superdrug
I needed a new make-up bag so badly, i might not have much make up but i like knowing i have space to fill up with new products, i loved the patterns so much and i use the smaller bag for my hairbands and clips etc.

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation in Ivory - £4.99 in Wilkinsons
I desperately needed a new foundation and i spotted this in the 'Under 5 pounds Sale' in Wilkinson, it seemed like a great price so i got the lightest shade (yay for being pale...) and it works perfectly. Great coverage and makes my skin look way better.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me - £2.99 in Boots
I caved in and had to get myself one... I've always been a fan of cherry and i love the smell. It applies well and lasts for a while, so all in all it's a great product.

Garnier Moisture Match in Combination to Oily Skin - £4.99 in Bodycare
After trying out the samples Garnier sent me, i wasn't too sure with which cream i should get. My face has always been oily and dry and it's always been a huge pain, but i opted for the mattifying cream, which i have no complaints so far as my face is looking less oiler already, and not so dry so that's a bonus.

MUA Mascara - £1 in Superdrug
I saw plenty of reviews about this mascara being such a great product despite it's super cheap price, so i picked one up and i agree, it makes my lashes look lovely and it's super easy to remove.

MUA Felt Eye-liner - £2 in Superdrug
I really needed a new eye-liner as i was running out, so i bought this out of panic and I'm not too fond at the moment. It's probably because I'm useless at applying eyeliner and I've never had a felt eyeliner before so i guess it needed getting used to and getting the hang of it.

Yay for hauls! Feels good being able to buy things for myself, and it didn't cost much doing so!
Have you tried any of these products, let me know


  1. Love that make up bag! Really simple but super pretty :)

    1. Yeah it's quite big as well so quite a steal :} x

  2. Nice haul!
    The foundation is a hit and miss for me. It depends how shit my skin's looking, but I love the price and the shade :)
    I still haven't tried any of the Baby Lips or the MUA mascara, but I agree with the liner, it's so awkward to get straight, but I s'pose practice makes perfect :)

    Laura x

    1. The eyeliner just doesn't seem opaque enough for me, and to be honest the Baby Lips isn't something to rave about, that's what i think anyways x

  3. What do you think of the babylips so far? I'm not sold...

    Vickie xo | vickieblogs

    1. I actually don't see the hype around it, it gives moisture to my lips but any normal lip balm does that.. x

  4. That Garnier skin care range looks really good, I was reading about it the other day! Would love a full review if you have time :) xo

    1. I'll definitely do a review soon :) x


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