Christmas came early

So I'm either a giveaway applying addict or I'm just really lucky! There's never a chance i will turn down entering a competition or for the blogger world, a giveaway. I always love a good giveaway, it's a great idea to find new viewers and one gets a prize at the end of it, do i say any more? But yeah, i was so so so lucky enough to actually win not one, but two?! No idea how but I'm so happy with the prizes that were sent to me and i can't thank the ladies themselves enough!

I won these prizes from a Twitter follow and RT from the lovely lady Heather, got check out her blog if you haven't it's a great one. Literally baffled by the quality of gifts she has given me and i can't thank her enough!

And the second giveaway i won was a blog giveaway from the lovely miss Emma Lou who generously set up a massive giveaway, i mean... Look at how big that box is!!! Crazy stuff but i'm so happy with everything i received and can't wait to try them all :).  

I've never won a thing in my life like this, has any of you ever struck lucky before?

Models Own team up with Dogs Trust

Nothing more do I adore when I see products I love team together with charities, i'm not a huge charity person myself but animals have a very huge special place in my heart, and i will always connect to them on an emotional level, sad or not, i just love animals, a lot more than the human species most of the time... 

I found this item on a sponsored tweet on twitter, you know those random tweets that pop up on your feed from time to time. Normally it's about random shit no one cares about but for once twitter did good in finding me their eBay page, also stating that 100 percent of the funds they collect from this nail polish will support the Dogs Trust charity. So i feel good right now, knowing I've donated at least something to help such a wonderful charity. It cost me £6.50 including the postage which isn't bad considering it's for a good cause. And even if i don't tend yo wear much gold, i'll know that my purchase helped in some little way of its own.

I thought I'd just write a short little post this weekend as I've been so busy this week with starting work, it's been non-stop and I'm honestly looking forward for a long hot bath to soak my aching body in. It'll all be worth it when the payments start coming in, I'm loving to too and everyone is so nice and friendly towards me.

Have you ever donated to Charity? I wanna know your thoughts on them in the comments, lets get a discussion going! 

Gingerbread House Goodness

I'd suggest you go into an ASDA store and grab one of these for for a fiver because they are so fun! You basically get the gingerbread parts and you build it and decorate it yourself! As i didn't have any spare sweets i used the yummy goodies they included with the parts, which is great because normally the sweets included normally taste rank. My tracing skills aren't that good but i bloody well tried my best! It was seriously so fun to do though and really gets me into the festive mood. The gingerbread smells are overwhelmingly yummy, seriously smell so good. I don't know whether to look at it or demolish it, it's too pretty to touch!

I've got a Job!

Serious talk now, i like to do that ever once in a while to balance out the realness of my posts, and just cause i want to talk to the people who read my blog posts, that's if anyone ever does. But yeah for months and months i have been searching for a job after i left college in May, no luck whatsoever. I guess it comes down to the fact i have no retail experience and that's what employers in shops and supermarkets look at nowadays, not at my grades, just experience. It's been a pretty shit year for me to be honest, my confidence disappearing and motivation next to zero, i really needed something to boost myself to help me get back on track with real life. Having hardly any money and drifting away from a lot of people i wish i never did can get very lonely and very sad quickly.

I feel like the dark clouds have finally moved away from me and having a job offer from somebody i know has completely changed my perspective in life. All i needed was one person to give me a chance, knowing i had no experience in next to nothing, really boosted me. I know I'm getting proper deep into emotions and stuff but i honestly feel like a better person, and i haven't even started working yet. But I'm literally so excited to be working, it being my first job i know the nerves will come swimming in on my first day but i just feel like I'm going to learn so much from this experience and i can't wait to start.

The job I've managed to grab is in a gift shop in my local town, the manager is a friend of my mum and dad, she likes to keep her workers close as her daughter and her daughters best friend also work there. I'm excited to start next week, plus there's a 25% staff discount and I'm already eyeing up several Yankee Candles in there! ;). I just thought i'd share with you guys cause i like to get serious every once in a while to keep you updated with things, if that's okay with all of you :).

Hope everyone's having a lovely Sunday.

My Secret Santa package!

You have no idea how excited i was to get mail today! I completely forgot about the Secret Santa project i found on Jess's blog, i was too busy hoping the package i sent off was safe and sound with its new owner! Its seriously got me in the mood for Christmas now and i can't thank Helen from teainthetub enough! I'm happy to have gotten products I've never tried before, that's always a fun adventure of its own. I'm kind of ashamed to say I've NEVER tried a soap and glory product, yeah kind of embarrassing to the blogging community but I'm glad I've had the chance to start now!

I feel like Helen really had a good idea of what she knew I'd like, it's crazy because I've never spoke to her properly, only on twitter with #fblchats! So I'm really happy to have gotten the gifts she bought me and can't wait to try them out :).

Has anyone else taken part in a secret santa this year? How exciting is it? :)

My saviour lip products this winter.

So i had a long word with myself, and decided i need to get out of this bad patch of crappiness and get motivated again, moping and feeling bad for myself isn't good for me and i know i need to keep my mind occupied with good things to feel better. So i feel like attempting Blogmas is way to help me, i feel like I'll feel 10x better after i blog more. So here's my official first post, having a personal one starting December off i thought I'd get things cracking now! I probably won't post every day but it won't hurt in missing a few days!
(Please excuse the poor lighting, i chose to take photos way too late..)

Winter. You have been awful to me so far, lip and skin wise. Finding myself with horribly chapped lips causing my habit of picking my lips, bad bad idea. I hate that I have this habit, it's hard not to though. A huge outburst of cold-sores have landed on my bottom lip, even under my lip, how glamorous. So I've really needed some help trying to tame the beasts that live on my lip, such painful things too :(.

I've been applying Cymex cream to them to help calm the soreness down and hopefully help shrink it until it's finally disappeared (hopefully anyway). It definitely is a must have for me, it helps to soften the hard cracks and you literally only need the tiniest dab of cream on the end of your finger to fully cover the sore cuts or sores on your lips.

To keep moisture to my lips, I've been using the same brand of lip balms for years. Lypsyl give such great moisture without it feeling to sticky on your lips, plus that lovely smell of cherry keeping my lips tasting and feeling sweeter. I'm a sucker for cherry products, no idea why.

Of course, Maybellines Baby Lips that everyone has raved about is also something i have kept on my daily lip wear, as it's a nice moisture to my lips also and it gives that sheen effect that some lip balms don't do. I don't see why people swatch these products as they show next to no pigment but that isn't a problem for me at all.

For my last product is something I've only recently bought but learned to love which is a Lush Lip Scrub in the flavour Bubblegum, for it's crazy price of £5.50 (that's a lot for me considering it's a lip product). It's a great scrub to use on my lips to get rid of any dead skin or rougher, more chapped parts of my lips. Plus it tastes so sweet, sometimes too sweet but it's never a problem to me!

I'm so glad i've started Blogmas, i feel so much better already. That's just what blogging does for me, and i  hope i can keep this up.

What are your favourite lip balms? And your must haves for lip care? 
Do let me know in the comments.

Hello December

It's so scary how quick this year has gone, yet it feels like the first few months were years ago! Time change is crazy and weird, and i don't like how fast it goes lately. I'm looking forward to getting into the Christmas spirit and reading everyone's festive posts, although myself i am not inspired for this month at all. I was looking forward to getting a Boots beauty calendar ready to tell you all about my gifts i receive for each day, but i guess i went to buy too late and everywhere is sold out :(. (Except for eBay where there are many going for up to £70! Do you think I'm made of money?!) So that kind of shook me a bit and discouraged me as i was so looking forward to blogging this month, but now as the days come by quickly, my mind is blank and it's horrible! Maybe some blog inspiration can help me well and i'll get right back into the spirit.

Don't you just hate those times we're you feel not so good and you feel like everything is just a chore and nothing is making you happy one bit? I'm hopefully over that now because blogging and writing is such a great thing for me, it really is a great hobby and I'd never want to stop, so hopefully you'll see some more posts from me soon, that's not if my mind's exploded by then!

Thanks for sticking by, it means a lot to me.