Hello December

It's so scary how quick this year has gone, yet it feels like the first few months were years ago! Time change is crazy and weird, and i don't like how fast it goes lately. I'm looking forward to getting into the Christmas spirit and reading everyone's festive posts, although myself i am not inspired for this month at all. I was looking forward to getting a Boots beauty calendar ready to tell you all about my gifts i receive for each day, but i guess i went to buy too late and everywhere is sold out :(. (Except for eBay where there are many going for up to £70! Do you think I'm made of money?!) So that kind of shook me a bit and discouraged me as i was so looking forward to blogging this month, but now as the days come by quickly, my mind is blank and it's horrible! Maybe some blog inspiration can help me well and i'll get right back into the spirit.

Don't you just hate those times we're you feel not so good and you feel like everything is just a chore and nothing is making you happy one bit? I'm hopefully over that now because blogging and writing is such a great thing for me, it really is a great hobby and I'd never want to stop, so hopefully you'll see some more posts from me soon, that's not if my mind's exploded by then!

Thanks for sticking by, it means a lot to me.


  1. Hi Vicki! Just followed :) Love your little blog! Don't worry about not having any motivation to write! It's so hard to think of fresh content to write all the time and your readers will stay with you even if you have a break. I just came back to blogging after a year away (lost my mojo to blog) and I'm just getting back into it now! Looking forward to reading your posts chick!


    1. Thanks so much, it feels so crappy cause i love to write but having nothing to write about is the worst!


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