Models Own team up with Dogs Trust

Nothing more do I adore when I see products I love team together with charities, i'm not a huge charity person myself but animals have a very huge special place in my heart, and i will always connect to them on an emotional level, sad or not, i just love animals, a lot more than the human species most of the time... 

I found this item on a sponsored tweet on twitter, you know those random tweets that pop up on your feed from time to time. Normally it's about random shit no one cares about but for once twitter did good in finding me their eBay page, also stating that 100 percent of the funds they collect from this nail polish will support the Dogs Trust charity. So i feel good right now, knowing I've donated at least something to help such a wonderful charity. It cost me £6.50 including the postage which isn't bad considering it's for a good cause. And even if i don't tend yo wear much gold, i'll know that my purchase helped in some little way of its own.

I thought I'd just write a short little post this weekend as I've been so busy this week with starting work, it's been non-stop and I'm honestly looking forward for a long hot bath to soak my aching body in. It'll all be worth it when the payments start coming in, I'm loving to too and everyone is so nice and friendly towards me.

Have you ever donated to Charity? I wanna know your thoughts on them in the comments, lets get a discussion going! 


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