♡ January Favourites ♡

Lets get this year started with my favourite items of this month! I am making it a mission to do every month this year, lets do this!

PalmersSince i've started working i'm pretty much washing my hands every half hour so hand cream is a must have for my job and Soap and Glorys hand food has worked wonders to  keeping my hands nice and soft. I couldn't choose one lip product this month SORRY not sorry :).  is by far my favoruite lip balm and i'll always stick to thier brand as they are so good to my cracked lips! I recently picked up the pot of Carmex as i'd already tried the original, i swear i have an obsession with Cherry lip products?
My brother recently got me Britney Spears' Fantasy for Christmas, and i swear to you it's the best smelling perfume i have EVER had. I never imagined to be attracted to the musky smell but i love it so much and i've been using it every day since i was given it. Definite re-purchase to come. L'Oreals Micellar Solution never lets me down, i use it to take my make up off every time and it always does the best job possible. I picked up the Simple face wash samples a few weeks ago and use them every time i go in the bath and they definitely help refresh my face.

I will always prise my dupe brushes as they work brilliantly, they're Real Technique dupe brushes and they have no faults whatsoever, only costing under 2 pounds for each brush on ebay you can't complain for the quality they give. I recently won Yves Saint Laurents Touche Eclat from a twitter giveaway and i never want this product to end! It perfectly blends under my eyes to make them look less horrifying and really works well with my skin, for it's crazy price of 25 pounds (crazy to me!) it's a perfect product all in all. Last but never least, probably the most popular concealer I've seen across the blogging world, Collections concealer is perfect for under my eyes and helps blend the darkness into a nice pale colour to match the rest of my face. Can't fault the item one bit.

Woo! That was fun, really need to get back into blogging and this was such a lovely and flowed post to write. I hope you all enjoyed it, thanks for reading my lovelies! 

Face Creams I've tried!

Seeing as I'm desperately on the hunt for a perfect cream for my horribly dry and uncomfortable skin this winter, i thought I'd show you the collection of creams I've picked up and left due to it not helping my skin... At all :(. Is anyone else have a real hard time finding a cream to solve their skin problems? I hope I'm not the only one.
Garnier Moisture Match Creams - Found in any beauty/drug store for around £3-£5
I picked these up a few months ago, as i'd already tried out most of the samples so i had high hopes for these little bottles. As i hadn't has the sample for a dry skin cream i knew i had to pick it up and try. But alas, the formula is way to thick for my skin, it doesn't seem to blend into my skin enough without it feeling really thick and horrible on my skin. I did like the Combination to Oily skin though, it helped out the shine on my forehead and cheeks a bit, but not enough for my satisfaction.
Packaging 8/10
Usage/Effectiveness 6/10.

Nivea Day Cream - £1.99 in Bodycare
I'd seen this cream around a lot before but never picked them up, i only recently got this cream so it's hard to judge on a long term period, but so far this cream is looking quite good. It's not too thick to apply and it has helped the awful dryness around my nose and cheeks. Considering it's on sale for under 2 quid at the moment, it's a pretty good cream and I'm considering stocking up while it's at such a good price.
Packaging 8/10
Usage/Effectiveness 9/10.

Olay Essentials Complete Care Day Cream - Just under £5
Now i had NEVER tired any Olay product before, shocking i know. So i was open and ready to use this without any opinion beforehand. But the only nice thing about this cream for me is it's fragrance, it has such a lovely soft smell and isn't too strong for my skin. But it didn't do nothing for me unfortunately.
Packaging 7/10
Usage/Effectiveness 5/10

Johnsons Hydrating 24hour Day Cream - £2.49 in  Bodycare
Considering this item was just for normal skin, i would have never picked it up. I actually started using my brothers girlfriends just to test it out and surprisingly it worked really nicely onto my skin. The only downfall it's usage only lasts a few hours, I'd apply it on around 7am for work and by about 12ish you would see the dryness coming back through. But then again it isn't specifically for dry skin so it's still a great cream for every day use. 
Packaging 9/10
Usage/Effectiveness 8/10.

I'm using 2 of these products still, but I'm not satisfied to how much it's helping my skin, so if anybody with the same uncomfortably horrible dry skin could help recommend any skin creams, I would deeply appreciate it! 

Life update

The dreaded update post in which i tell you about why I've been too lazy and not been posting much recently. I hate not posting, i always get such a great feeling when i put up each post. I write them all which such pride and i always enjoy everyone's feedback when i do post. I started my new full time job last week. I work from 8 in the morning til half 4 from Monday til Friday, I'm not complaining but it's going to take me a while to get into a routine, which results in me wanting to sleep after work most days and never having the time to post either. I'm really enjoying my job though! I work in a leather factory for a company called Launer London, it's a real nice company and even the Queen owns a few of the bags people make in the factory. I'm learning how to make wallets at the moment and everyone is so pleased with how quick and good I'm learning everything. Makes me feel real good, and happy to find a job I'm comfortable and content in. I never imagined myself working there and earning the money I do, but I'm so happy and if anything it inspires me to start documenting my adventures a lot more!

Other than work taking over my life I've mostly been addicted to Netflix too, i finally gave in and started my subscription and I've started watching shows like Pretty Little Liars and Freaks and Geeks. Two shows I've always wanted to watch, there is so much more i want to watch too. I just hate starting everything at once and never finishing watch any of them, that's a bad habit of mine. I'm also looking into selling my camera so i can buy a better one, this definitely will inspire me to take a lot more photographs and to even write about them in my blog. I also turned 19!! I didn't do much, just went for a meal to cosmos and ate everything..

Also can i mention... I GOT TO 100 FOLLOWERS ON BLOGLOVIN!! AHHH!! I know i'm over 100 on GFC but i made it my mission to get to 100, and considering i haven't posted much i cannot thank everyone enough for sticking by me! So look out for a give-away soon, I'm so excited to do one this year!

Thank you everyone, so so much. <3

Janaury Sales

So i've been attacking the sales much earlier than i'd thought this year, and i did it with force. I've found some lovely items these past week or so, i thought i'd share you some of them i picked up online and actually shopping in store. I mostly went for clothes at New Look and Primark, Primark is slowly becoming an addiction and i'm not ashamed to say so, haha! They have nice dresses in there but i need to stop buying so many dresses, it's becoming a problem. But i managed to stay away... Kind of. Prepare for bad light and awkward modelling positions from myself.

Literally can't deal with how cheap some things are in Primark, no doubt these shoes won't last as long as 30 pounds shoes would but for that price i couldn't not buy. I still feel like i'm going to buy more the next time i go shopping, i'll try not to but i highly doubt i can be stopped at the moment, oh dear.

it's a new year

Hey everyone, happy new year! I hope you all celebrated nicely with your family and friends. I had a lovely night, great time to see everyone and i even saw an old friend i hadn't seen in years. Started my year with a hangover, not as much now but nothing is satisfying my hunger :(. I'm hoping for a much better year, last year was mostly downs so i'm trying to change that, 2014 is looking good for me already which is a huge thing. I'll talk about it soon. I just hope i get motivated back into blogging because i have so many posts in my head just no motivation to get them all sorted, wah!

I don't want to set myself any goals just yet, but i hope to get myself involved in the blogging community a LOT more this year, and hopefully keep my little blog a constant thing. No disappearing, i want to make sure my lovely readers can always have something new to read. Blogging has always been something i've loved and i hate leaving for even a few weeks, feel so out of place when i come back :(.

I hope everyone's having a great first day in the new year, i look forward to catching up on Christmas posts!