it's a new year

Hey everyone, happy new year! I hope you all celebrated nicely with your family and friends. I had a lovely night, great time to see everyone and i even saw an old friend i hadn't seen in years. Started my year with a hangover, not as much now but nothing is satisfying my hunger :(. I'm hoping for a much better year, last year was mostly downs so i'm trying to change that, 2014 is looking good for me already which is a huge thing. I'll talk about it soon. I just hope i get motivated back into blogging because i have so many posts in my head just no motivation to get them all sorted, wah!

I don't want to set myself any goals just yet, but i hope to get myself involved in the blogging community a LOT more this year, and hopefully keep my little blog a constant thing. No disappearing, i want to make sure my lovely readers can always have something new to read. Blogging has always been something i've loved and i hate leaving for even a few weeks, feel so out of place when i come back :(.

I hope everyone's having a great first day in the new year, i look forward to catching up on Christmas posts!

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