Life update

The dreaded update post in which i tell you about why I've been too lazy and not been posting much recently. I hate not posting, i always get such a great feeling when i put up each post. I write them all which such pride and i always enjoy everyone's feedback when i do post. I started my new full time job last week. I work from 8 in the morning til half 4 from Monday til Friday, I'm not complaining but it's going to take me a while to get into a routine, which results in me wanting to sleep after work most days and never having the time to post either. I'm really enjoying my job though! I work in a leather factory for a company called Launer London, it's a real nice company and even the Queen owns a few of the bags people make in the factory. I'm learning how to make wallets at the moment and everyone is so pleased with how quick and good I'm learning everything. Makes me feel real good, and happy to find a job I'm comfortable and content in. I never imagined myself working there and earning the money I do, but I'm so happy and if anything it inspires me to start documenting my adventures a lot more!

Other than work taking over my life I've mostly been addicted to Netflix too, i finally gave in and started my subscription and I've started watching shows like Pretty Little Liars and Freaks and Geeks. Two shows I've always wanted to watch, there is so much more i want to watch too. I just hate starting everything at once and never finishing watch any of them, that's a bad habit of mine. I'm also looking into selling my camera so i can buy a better one, this definitely will inspire me to take a lot more photographs and to even write about them in my blog. I also turned 19!! I didn't do much, just went for a meal to cosmos and ate everything..

Also can i mention... I GOT TO 100 FOLLOWERS ON BLOGLOVIN!! AHHH!! I know i'm over 100 on GFC but i made it my mission to get to 100, and considering i haven't posted much i cannot thank everyone enough for sticking by me! So look out for a give-away soon, I'm so excited to do one this year!

Thank you everyone, so so much. <3


  1. Congratulations for hitting 100 followers! That's totally amazing, good for you. You deserve everyone and more. I have heard so much about Netflix but I've not watched either of those shows. And happy birthday! Your job sounds really interesting. Don't worry about not blogging regularly, only do it when it feels right for you & your inspired or else you'll burn out! Much love xxx

    1. Thanks so much hun! Netflix is amazing, truly addicting stuff on there!
      I wanna start blogging soon though i hate missing out on it, i love writing! xx


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