Music i'm loving right now.

Now I've never really spoken about music, but I'd say it's a really huge part of my life. I spend around 4 years since i was 13 going to gigs religiously. There wasn't a time where i didn't have a gig i was going to, it was some of the best years of my life and i do miss going to them as i haven't been to one since 2012 (i think?!). I think music helps a lot of people, whatever mood they're in, and it's just a magical feeling how much it can help. My music taste is crazy, my iPod goes from Beyonce, to You Me At Six, to Rammstein... 3 very different genres but I'm happy i have a wide rage of artists and open mind towards music, because i find it ridiculous sticking to the same genre, how boring.I thought I'd show you a few albums I've had on repeat for the last month.

The massively successful album AM by Arctic Monkeys. 
Such a chill album, I've grown up listening to these guys through my brother always playing them so there's never been a time where i haven't disliked them. Listening to their old albums gives me a massive sense of nostalgia so having this new album gives me some newer, calmer vibes and i love it. Can't fault any song, Fireside and Arabelle are my favourites.
Days Are Gone by HAIM Another very chilled album that's really pleased my ears recently, is this a theme, maybe  i don't know. But these three girls have gorgeous voices and i still can't believe they're all sisters! Their style of music is perfect and it's just good music to listen to. The Wire is my favourite song, have you seen the video? So good and funny!

Bad Blood by Bastille
Now i am just completely ashamed to admit i never got into this band the moment Pompeii was heard everywhere on the radio and television. Only recently just listened to their album and just wow, they seriously deserve every bit of recognition they get, Dans voice blends so well with their music and i literally cannot fault this band at all. Their cover of Rhythm of The Night is good too, very different and not too overdone! Icarus is my favourite song from this album. Sososo good.

I'm gonna leave it at that, because if i carried on this post would be soooo long haha. I just really love music okay! What have been your favourite songs to listen to recently! Let me know in the comments.


Since I've turned 19, I've really wanted to start shaping my room into more of a mature place. Considering a few years back all four walls were plastered in band posters, and i mean top to bottom full of them.. yeah. I still keep my odd poster on the wall but I'm kinda growing out of it, i want to start making my room into cute little place i can go to chill in and for it to match me perfectly. It seems recently the items I've picked up all theme in a white colour, which to me is great as it makes me feel like i have a clean and chilled room, is that weird?! I don't know, but i thought I'd show you some of the things I've picked up recently

I wanted to start with my window sill as it was always pretty plain and needed some sprucing up. The first item i bought was actually a jar full of tea-light candles, i knew it would be perfect to keep my change in and how CUTE is that jar? I can't get over it, it only cost me about 3 pounds too, for 20 tea-light candles too! I also picked up a cute owl tea-light holder which looks lovely with or without candles in them to be honest. I've always been a huge fan of incense, certain smells that are sweet make my room smell so nice, i love them. So i picked up this cute leaf shaped incense holder which i  think looks perfect in the middle of it all. Just a quick little post today, i'll let you know how it progresses soon! :).