Since I've turned 19, I've really wanted to start shaping my room into more of a mature place. Considering a few years back all four walls were plastered in band posters, and i mean top to bottom full of them.. yeah. I still keep my odd poster on the wall but I'm kinda growing out of it, i want to start making my room into cute little place i can go to chill in and for it to match me perfectly. It seems recently the items I've picked up all theme in a white colour, which to me is great as it makes me feel like i have a clean and chilled room, is that weird?! I don't know, but i thought I'd show you some of the things I've picked up recently

I wanted to start with my window sill as it was always pretty plain and needed some sprucing up. The first item i bought was actually a jar full of tea-light candles, i knew it would be perfect to keep my change in and how CUTE is that jar? I can't get over it, it only cost me about 3 pounds too, for 20 tea-light candles too! I also picked up a cute owl tea-light holder which looks lovely with or without candles in them to be honest. I've always been a huge fan of incense, certain smells that are sweet make my room smell so nice, i love them. So i picked up this cute leaf shaped incense holder which i  think looks perfect in the middle of it all. Just a quick little post today, i'll let you know how it progresses soon! :).


  1. I'm also planning on decorating my room, I love your money holder very cute x

  2. I love thee little pieces, they're so cute. I loooove the owl and I like the idea of the money jar. I have a shiny handbag that I got when I was about 9, I think it's time to update :)

    Laura x |

  3. That jar is so cute!


  4. absolutely loved the leaf shaped incense holder!

  5. awww that's cute <3 I love decorating my room aswell. Btw, I nominated you to be part of The Liebster Award which is found on my blog (Click the GET TO KNOW ME button). Have a nice day x

  6. ooh i love that little glass jar - it's so cute!

    from helen at

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  7. The owl is sooo cute! I want something like that for my room, but instead of an owl, a tiger (:
    ~Makaela at

  8. That jar is so cute! I love the leaf shaped incense holder as well!

    Lou x
    Bluebird | Beauty and life blog


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