I have no real reason why I've been so absent from my blog, no excuse good enough to my disappearance. Life's been moving on so quickly, i started my first full time job and I've been there over 3 months already, it's going so quick i barely have time to enjoy myself anymore. Working hours and hours away until my brain is completely frazzled and i just pass out in bed early most nights, no time for nothing. I guess I'm still getting the hang of actually working, actually using my brain for something good. My brain's just taking a while to get used to it, seeing as I'm having awful headaches a lot lately. I had my first few days off of the year and you know what i did? Nothing. Nothing at all. I couldn't have spent it any better, it's really given my body a rest and my mind a rest too. Sometimes doing nothing is all you really need, to just wind down for a few days.

I'm finally giving myself some 'Me' time. Actually relaxing and treating myself, pampering and giving myself time to think. I've actually started reading more recently, it's such a calming hobby and i literally hate myself for never starting sooner because i feel so much more better. A book and a cuppa tea is all you really need, am i right? But yeah, no real reason but i thought i'd just write a little  post about what's been going on. (Not that anyone will read it). I am still alive, i promise!!

Hope everyone is well, can't wait to have a good read from some of my favourite blogs.