If I had my own place #1

So, for a very long time I've been very interested furniture, sounds boring but I absolutely cannot wait til the day I can actually go out shopping for my own place. I've only got to go into wilkinsons to get a snack and I'm upstairs drooling over the furniture they have in there. So I thought I'd create this mini series of furniture styles I like if that's okay with you guys! I really want to get back into blogging and I feel like this is a great way to start and it will keep me active in the blogging world too. I'm sure i will have plenty of lifestyle posts like this as there is never too much furniture to post about.

I had a cheeky look on Wilkinsons actual website and to be honest i felt let down, i just feel like going in store there is so much more to look at. Specially with the little ornaments and nick nacks to put around your house. But i picked out a few i loved, kept it on the neutral side for this one as i find these colours absolutely perfect for a calm natural environment. I always want a nice calm vibe to my house when i eventually move and i feel like these colours and ornaments would fit perfectly~

I know it was only short but i'm really enjoying doing this so far and if anything it's making me want to remodel my room haha! Which did you like most? Or didn't you like any? Everyone has their own taste!

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