Instagram Catch up! #7

So i might have shamelessly gone on a bit of a spree, no better feeling than starting your new job knowing you haven't got many bills to pay for, me still living at home i pay board weekly so it leaves me with enough money to spenddddddd. And i may have done that, just a tiny bit... I finally upgraded my phone, a brand new one too! I've never actually owned a brand new iPhone, they've always been second hand so that was a great feeling, plus the phone is flawless. I also got my new camera which i am in LOVE with, i love it so so much. And of course my iPad mini, they're all my babies and i take great care of them, i'd probably cry if any of them broke. I like technology okay?

If you didn't read my post, i did visit Wales for a few days and i miss it so much. Was such a good feeling to get away from real life for a few minutes and relax despite the gloomy weather, it was still amazing to see the sights and oh my the houses were so colourful! So refreshing.
 A few outfits! I really need to start doing more OOTD cause i'm at a place where I'm feeling really confident and i just want to show the clothes i find for such good prices, you know me I'm a total bargain hunter. My first dress being from Forever 21, the second outfit top is from select and jeans from New Look and my top in the last picture from Primark! Told you i liked bargains ;)

I'm really bad at doing these catch ups, there were a lot more photographs but i thought i'd leave it at 9, a nice small number :3. 

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